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Speaking of celebrities.....

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Boom! :eusa_dance:
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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Lekja man!!! Keep it up there
One fish can change it all.....
Ah moving I am amped to see the full thing :eusa_shifty:
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Ag lekker man Lekker!!!! :blue-cool:
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Biggest celebrity (that 'sommer' belongs to this site) is August.

He has been a mean ambassador for BFSA with finishing very high up on the BETT rankings (losing top spot by a few grams) when they fished under the BFSA banner. Well done to the owners of BFSA and other parties that were involved with Team BFSA's sponsorship during this period.

Then he goes on to klap the new SA largie record and on top of that wins Nationals.

No wonder there is a queue in front of his house wanting to take pictures of him to put his mugshot on the next front page.

And you know what is his best qualities. He always contributes in a positive fashion and he always gives thanks and recognition to his Maker.

I am glad companies are starting to realise the value you bring with your unique combination of skill and attitude. Good show for Brent to bring you on board

Well done August. Hope to catch you on the water soon. It is time you visit for an MT!
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Oom Rob and Month Mate for president! :eusa_clap:
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