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Fluke rigging video

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Flukemaster knows his stuff! I wonder when the Hibdons started using the rig mentioned in the video! :eusa_eh:

CBC Rig Baby! :blue-biggrin:
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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With Lee Sisson and the Hibdons having used the rig for years I don't think anyone can really lay claim to inventing it.

There's nothing (very very little) new under the fishing sun! My stack of old Bassmaster magazines prove that time and time again.

I think I'll start calling it the Free-weight On hooK Rig or FOK'R for short!
Great video. I have seen quite a few variations on the CBC rig.
Regards Robert Jacobs
All I can say is, these guys copied it from me, they were still in dads bag when I fished this rig. To be truthful I accidently came onto this rig. I had silver soldered a swivel onto a small weight and whilst fishing on the boat one of my hooks got tangled into the swivel and it was difficult to get the eye past the barb. My friend Bruce Bell, a Canadian basser suggested that I just use it as is and to my surprise it had this magic fluttering action. From there on I perfected the rig and even today I fish it slightly different from everybody else, as far as picking the type of fluke as well as the type of hook(note not the make). During 1995 I showed this rig to various guys in the USA and even had a guy by the name of George Krahulik make us the weights!!
Greetings to you all.
Pretty damn right Carl, remember this thread: <!-- l --><a class="postlink-local" href="" onclick=";return false;">viewtopic.php?f=49&t=7647</a><!-- l -->
Riprap, before Robfisher advertised the CBC rig on tele, nobody had made any videos or discussed this rig ANYWHERE. The copycats were quick onto this one and saw a few bucks to be made, Remember that I had been using this trick loooong before I ever met Robfisher. He even had the decency to ask me whether he can show it on tele, as he promised that it will stay between us. Sometimes you share and care, other times secrecy is a good thing.
I am waiting for someone to show us how to make a crank change direction whilst being retrieved. One more year and I will show you how and then there will be hundreds of videos claiming copyright!!
CBC it’s time to share another top secret lure with me… I need it for Bivane! :blue-biggrin:

I think I will use the secret white thingy you showed me as well! :eusa_silenced:
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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