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Bass Scents

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Hi Guys
A short lesson on Bass lure scents, pay very careful attention, especially if you want to remain wedded. I learnt last night that there is a reason concentrated bass scents are packed in aluminium containers. I had some scents blended overseas and they arrived yesterday and instead of taking them to the factory, I took them home. Hey man I’m gonna bathe some prototypes in the stuff for the weekend. No flies on me I open one of the cylinders and pour straight onto baits in a Ziplock bag. My eyes start to water and I’m trying to control the retching and in the distance I can hear the minister of home affairs Freaking out, like she’s being attacked.
I can just make out the what The F*&&& are you doing, I manage to get a lid on the stuff and decide to leave it alone. I hop on the net to the supplier who is open and he tells me the French version of you d&*s I told you dilute with a minimum of 10Lt of worm oil each and that will still probably be too pungent. I woke up this morning to picture and no sound, but on the positive side though, I haven’t seen a mosquito in our neighbourhood today, so this is a good thing.

[Image: logo.jpg]

You owe me a new keyboard.
LOL WHAHAHAHAHA!!! :eusa_clap:
[Image: SignatureSmallBFSA_zps89bcf1e2.png]
Haaibo, hahahaaaaa. What about the pets?
Hi Rip Rap

Waging tails and keen interest, I'm scared they roll in it like they do Red bait, i'll never here the end of it.
[Image: logo.jpg]
hahahaha Lol been havin a k@k day but you made my weekend boet thanks :blue-lol:
"Picture and no Sound"
I have been married for 38 years and that is the best I've hear to describe the morbs :blue-badgrin:
Send some of that stuff - I can't wait to say "There we go again - Picture and no Sound" :eusa_dance:
Wahahahahaaaaaa......that's the best one in a long time.....for the mosquito part of it,can i put in a order.Classic,must be running for Friday funny's.
Oh so that was the smell coming from about 3km away :eusa_doh:
Regards Robert Jacobs

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