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Flukes/ Soft Jerk Baits

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Seeing as yesterday we spoke about different punching baits I thought I'd ask about the Flukes and Soft Jerk baits.

Recently I have been throwing Flukes again with some good results coming my way. When I started bass fishing it was all I using and as I became custom to more lures on the market I lost interest in them.

The question I'm putting out there is:

Do you guys use a particular make because of the action you get out of them and if so what action are you really looking for? The wobble on the way down? the way it jerks off the bottom? Do you prefer weightless, Texas, mojo, or with a weighted hook?

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Ok, I'll bite...

Do you guys use a particular make because of the action you get out of them and if so what action are you really looking for? Depends on what the fish want will determine how I present it. Brand wise, well, all I suppose depending on colour selection.

The wobble on the way down? Only possible with a weighted hook or a 'cbc' rig. I used to throw a weighted hook a lot in the beginning, but not anymore.

the way it jerks off the bottom? Never tried to fish them off the bottom. I'd rather throw a creature bait/shacky head worm for this application or bump a crank down deep

Do you prefer weightless, Texas, mojo, or with a weighted hook? Yes, yes, yes, no. You left out drop shotting...

Now why all the questions Floatie? You're doing better than me on the MT so perhaps you could best answer the questions too?
Floatie , Flukes are fish catchers and they come in all sizes, small, medium & large. I doubt if there is any other bait with the wide spectrum of colors you get with Flukes. I fish them weightless and on Texas rigs. I have also been successful using the mono rig with the floating capabilities of the ZMan StreakZ . You can also use them on dropshot and I'm sure there are people that will tell you that they use them on Carolina rigs as well!
I use the reliable Zoom, Xcite flicker shad, Havoc Jerk & Strike King caffeine shad
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Reels: Quantum & Shimano
I also participate in the Bass Challenge using my Monster Bass inflatable, fitted with a 10 hp Suzuki motor and 55 lb sneaker motor
Sorry I left out the drop shotting, I have yet to catch a fish that way. I've tried it a few times and lost interest in it.

Coming back to the questions, Would be interesting to hear what works for who and what the results are like on the different rigs.

As for the Mt results... My fishing has improved over the last year due to reading up on posts like these and applying it on the water.
Thinking out the box and trying different ways to fish a area and maximize on the time in a area.
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If I remember correctly the guys had massive (maybe im exaggerating, don't think it was to easy for the guys on the Vaal)) success with flukes at nationals last year. And I think they texas rigged them (throwing into structure).
If im wrong please rectify me. So I think they are brilliant baits, but i also lost interest in them. Think im rigging flukes with my next outing, not that flukes need to prove a point.
Still the the most reliable bait ever - Zoom Super Fluke Watermelon Seed with the tips of the tail (not the whole tail) dipped in Spike-It Garlic Chartreuse Dip-n-Glo.

My favorite way to rig it is with with a sliding weight for fishing next to reeds, grass, structure and general fishing. If I'm fishing deep I would dead stick it or drag it slowly on the bottom with a small twitch now and again. Works like a charm for drop shot as well, just hook it about 5mm in through the nose.

Geez I get so exited I want to go fish now! :blue-biggrin:
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There is only one fluke bait that I use and that's a caffiene shad from Strike King.

Fished weightless it is a machine and big fish eat it and hang on.

My son fished the Jnr Caffiene shad on a dropshot rig to win the second day of the Jnr Nationals last year, and catch the big bag of the tournament, at Clan. Since then that's all we use.

The other fluke type bait that we use (for top water) is the Z-Too. Different application but killer bait and durable.

My 2c
Thanks for the replies guys, I reckon any starter at bass fishing should always get a pack or two of flukes. Maybe a dark colour and one more natural colour.

I know when I started, The first thing the sales person put in my hand was a pack of flukes. Second thing was a 10inch pack of worms. Think those worms weren't selling!!!
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Talking about drop shot, has this drop shot hook made it appearance in SA yet?

[Image: Drop-Shot.JPG]
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Gambler Flappin Shad the best fluke ever for jerking. It has incredible action especially if you cut the flappin tail to look like the tail of the Zoom u-vibe. Just use a scissor to do the job. The only lure that will be taken in clear water (choose natural colour) when jerked like a hard bait. Jerk and stop, let it sink slowly then jerk again for a few metres. Normally the attention will be on the drop and the take on the jerk. Fooled many a wily bass on this one. The bulky shape lends to the balanced action as this fluke will not roll when jerked.
Ninja Wrote:Talking about drop shot, has this drop shot hook made it appearance in SA yet?

[Image: Drop-Shot.JPG]

I've seen VMC Spinshots at Somerset Sports.
Hi Ninja, I managed to get some from chaps that went to ICAST, ive been using them and they are great. not yet seen them in any shops in WC
Caught a fish on my first ever cast on a fluke. As a matter of fact coming to think it was the first every soft plastic bait I ever used apart from those little spinsport fish with the little spinner blade in front of them. We used to catch lots of fish on those back in the day at Groenvlei.

At Goedies last year in Dec flukes accounted for most of our fish as well my my 2 biggest 3kg+ fish. We are catching them weighted hook, mojo rigged and also light texas. We found bite detection was better on the light texas with a lot less gut hooked fish.

One of the flukes type baits that did the job for me was the Xcite Übershad in Smokin Shad colour available locally through Ol' Big Mouth and Outdoors. There is also a smaller version available called the Xcite Baby Übershad

[Image: Ubershad-Smokin-Shad.jpg]

It was actually quite a funny story. We were coming back in the afternoon and right up against the steep launch of the water bailiff's house I hooked into a bass on the Übershad only to see Noel Seager next to me also fighting a fish. We actually caught the same fish with my Übershad and his fluke both in the same fishes mouth.
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My go to bait after a deadringer. Can say I'm a bit of a fanatic. Got at most times a crank stick rigged with a fluke and I have a tray on my kick boat just for flukes. I'm using a crank stick as I think more of this as a soft jerk bait than plastics.

I only rig it weightless or CBC (I'll never forget the man himself showed me this technique). The best of this technique is that you can quickly swap between weightless and CBC.

I fish a lot of different ways with this setup. From walk the dog on surface, sub surface (deadly!), on the drop, dead-stick, drop off the grass banks, under lilies, etc. Also bumping them through tree stumps.
I never had much success on the bottom, only because I mostly pick them up on the drop.

I use Zoom and BBB triple tail lately, but I have tried other with varying success.

General colours: Baby Bass, watermelon red and Telapia. Then I adapt to water and bottom colours. But I tend to stick to natural colours. But my fiance showed me up with a pink one once.
I see no one mentioned the Netbait Super Twitch? Nice jerkbait as well...

I tend to start of with the Zoom range, then alternate between the Strike King Caffeine Shad and Netbait Super Twitch. I try all of them to see what works best on the day.

I prefer a light texas rig most of the times as well a mojo rigged, but when in deeper water, I also like fishing it on a Carolina rig with a 50cm line between swivel and hook for a good "rise" when pulled/dragged and a bit of a longer "glide" when the tungsten is left motionless. Most of the times I get the bite as soon as I paused.

I like the more "horizontal" or "parallel" presentation to the bottom on the Carolina rig sometimes as to the "popping up & down" motion when jerked or twitched when using a texas rig.
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