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TWK report back

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As most of you saw from last weeks post, my good friend Steve Barry had arrived from Ghana for a few days and we planned a trip to TWK. after checking the weather reports we decided to go on sat rather than Sunday and that turned out to be the right call. As we arrived my anglers edge plus unit started beeping to warn that the barometer was dropping. Reaction bite immediately came to mind. we stopped at the first spot along with toadee and straight away we started catching fish. I caught a few on the jewel swimit jig rigged with a cane thumper trailer. Steve got a good fish on a bbb triple tail tilapia dipped tail fished with a very light texas weight.
[Image: 20131214_131544.jpg]
after catching a few smaller fish here and there, I decided to try out the new spro little fat john shallow runner that has only just arrived in SA recently. well the result was amazing, this bait ran through the brush with no problem, in fact I tried it in all the timber I could get it into and it just came swimming out. I really battled to get it stuck. I caught quite a few fish on this little bait, which has now become my new favourite shallow runner.
[Image: 20131214_151753.jpg]
we left the area and ran to the franschoek river and once again I caught a fish of around 2kg on the swimjig.
we then fished the greymead wall and managed only one good one of around 1.3kg on the crank.
[Image: 20131214_145519.jpg]
we decided to return to the first spot as we had let it rest a bit and on my first cast with the crank I got hammered on the first wind and landed another good fish.
[Image: 20131214_151723.jpg]
we also got fish on FF rigged on a shakey head, real deal craw and as mentioned bbb triple tail minnow.
something I did note that as soon as the wind came up from the SW and the barometer stopped beeping and dropping the bite stopped. from 12 to 3 we caught 15 fish and from 3 till 6 only one more. so in ending we had 16 fish for the afternoon. I also saw toadee having some fun on a swimjig while we were fishing in the same area. after quenching our thirst properly, a good meal and us been very TIRED we hit the sack.
Sunday we woke to a ripping NW and a rising barometer, Steve got one bite and that was it, nothing nowhere wherever we went so we called it a day at 9:30 and headed home. thanks Steve for the lekker day out, see you next year sometime for another trip.
Nice one Brenden. I to have had some solid success with that little bait. Im officially on leave now and cant wait to go FIIIIIIISSSSSHHHHING. :eusa_dance:


Here's your pic Billy - Rip.
[Image: outdoors.gif]
Very lekker report bru!

Looks like you had fun! 16 fish is a great day anywhere!
I have a feeling that the TWK classic in January is going to be a very epic event with the size of fish coming out recently and the quality of the fish. If there is a R50k or R100k prize for the big fish, it may very well get broken this year. I think there have been 5 or 6 fish between 3,5kg's and over 4kg's that have been caught this season already. . .going to be very interesting!
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Wow, those are some really nice fish Brenden. Well done guys. You should send us some of those for the Magazine.
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Very nice fish guys.
[Image: big_fish_eat_little_fish.jpg]
Lekka fishing guys. :blue-cool:
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Thanks Brenden, lekker report! :blue-cool:
[Image: Dreamfish.jpg]
Great report Bren. Thanks for sharing.

TWK is definitely firing a lot better than Kwaggas lately.
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Rip thanks very much bud! I owe you kiss next time I see you
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Haha, no thanks but thanks for the gesture...........wahahaaaaaaa! :eusa_naughty:
[Image: big_fish_eat_little_fish.jpg]
Shot for the report Brenden.
TWK is producing some healthy bass recently, lets hope its a sign of better things to come.
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