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Plastisol retail in SA

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Hi guys,

I started shooting my own creations a little while back and I absolutely love creating new colors and masterpieces.

I have already spent a serious amount of money on some of the molds and injectors etc and it is an awesome hobby to have. It would bankrupt me if I continue to import my plastisol but as a hobby I was able to justify it till now.

Does any of you know of a retail outlet in SA where I can buy PLASTISOL from?
I really do not want to beg a few liters off another hobbiest and would like to get my hands on 20 liters or so.
I happened to read on an international lure making forum where a fellow South African commented that he had found a retailer for plastisisol in SA and was searching for colourants........I know there is a place in SA.

Please help a fellow out?
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Contact Colin on 08three 28zero 55zero8. He is based in Cape town and imports plastisol from the states

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