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Letsibogo Update

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Hey guys! First I want to give a big Congratulations to August for the Nationals Win! Top Fishing Man! :blue-cool:

Ps: Also I dont know about you guys but I'm a bit confused about the scoreboard story.... I was quite enjoying keeping up with it.... :blue-doubt:

That aside just wanted to update you guys on the mad bass fishing across the border there in Botswana.

I do an annual trip to Letsibogo dam in Selebi Phikwe which is about 550km from me. Its a dam with solid solid lunkers and any bass fisherman who wants to test his mettle will not find it wanting at all, rather himself at least once a day..

We caught about 20-30 fish each a day on my boat, I went with my good friend Philip Uys and every day I got at least one fish over 4kg with 5 fish total over 4kg in 3 days. The average fish was between 2 and 3.5kg and we got broken off in the trees maybe 3 or 4 times each a day. You honestly do try to prepare for those fish but sometimes in all those casts, you make an error and cast the wrong side of a stump or wait too long to set the hook and you end up in unrecoverable trouble.

What you want is to fish a heavy action 7ft rod at least with 50-60lb Sunline FX2 braid direct or 25lb Fluorocarbon like Tatsu or Invizx for other baits, believe me it is worth the investment when you land those trains! I feel terrible about every fish I leave a hook in and so I decided to rather buy quality heavy duty line before going rather than losing more fish.

The fish were in full blown spawn and we caught both full and empty hens, it also meant they were a little lethargic so slower presentations seemed to be really good.

The best tactics:
I got 2 of my 4kg fish on a mandevu Triple Tail Minnow, black purple fleck gents, amazing color!
[Image: DSC_3446.JPG]

Also I had some amazing fishing on 2 of my revenge spinnerbaits Bluegill Gold Blade for about 40min until they were both taken from me (Long casts be hazardous) :blue-sad:
A Revenge viberator has a nice heavy duty clip and I got a lot of fish on that trailering a Big Bite Fat grub, with the best being a 3.6kg really nice looking fish!
[Image: DSC_3521.JPG]

I think though that the Jig and swimming craw pattern was amazing!
Pitch in a tree, let it fall, test it ..... Bang! anything from 2kg to my new 4.86kg PB! The Jewel flipping jig in a 3/8oz and the black blue and Okeechobee craw swimcraws were madness people!
[Image: DSC_3511.JPG]

On the last afternoon I forced my partner to enter a bay; luckily my instincts were right, we smashed fish in there, I managed not to break off and got a 3.9 + 3.97 + 4.01 + 4.5 + 4.86kg in a row for my decision!
[Image: DSC_3638.JPG]

When it came to my PB I was completely out of craws and minnows and I had just finished my last junebug triple tail on the 4.5 in the video, so I scratched around the floor of the boat and found one not so badly mangled swimming craw in Okeechobee craw color, tossed that in some sticks and felt a tap, when I set all heck broke loose, the line got pulled taught so hard it broke the twigs as that bus just cruised out of there! Big fight lots of shouting and teamwork and it was an awesome end to the trip!
[Image: DSC_3663.JPG]

I went with 4 other guys and they got 3.6, 3.8, 4.5 and 5.25 as their PBs ...... Madness, If you can get there, GO!

Never caught so many quality bass in my life.
We made these videos both on the last day when I would guess I caught about 40 fish by myself that day. Sore Hands, Sore Thumbs, tired shoulders, Bassing Dream hey!

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

<iframe width="420" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Heres a rough estimate of the trip cost p/p: Petrol R900 + Accom 3nights R600 + Boat rental 3 days R900 + Food R250 (we chose to braai and have potjie) Total : R2650 for 3 days of the best bass fishing you will have in southern Africa IMHO

All @ <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- w -->

For a full album of all the 2-3kg minnows and a couple more buses :blue-biggrin: check my albums on facebook,
Tight Lines Guys!
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Good Going there bud awesum fish well done!!!!
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Well done again bro.
Jislaaik FFF! Shot for the post. I'm gonna pull out my passport and interrogate it as to why it can't cross the Botswana border post in the near future........... :blue-rolleyes:

Gotta get me some of that action before you guys train all those hawgs. :blue-rolleyes: :blue-smile:
Nicely done! Savings account open :blue-biggrin:
Regards Robert Jacobs
Man that looks like a trip of a lifetime. Awesome fish!! and nice report thanks.
Members........whose keen and has the time to put a 3/4 day trip together for a group which can be accommodated by the hired boats available for a quicky in and out to experience this fishing.........?? :blue-rolleyes:
Nicely done CG. Pity I couldn't make a trip there this year. Some great fish have come out this year from Letsibogo.
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Good Job CG!
Thanks for this awesome feedback which was really entertaining!
(Except for the fact that You are responsible for embedding the "GottaGet2Letsi" bug into my brain!)
Legend in My Own LUNCHTIME!

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Thanks Guys

It really is a magic place; all tall stories aside I don't know where there is fishing like that. A place where bass do what they are supposed to more often than not.

You pitch in a tree, you get smacked, you slow roll a spinnerbait past a stump on a point, you get smacked, you throw a minnow around at dawn and dusk, you get smacked.
The water is quite dirty and obviously that has certain drawbacks to what you can fish but nevertheless if you have passion and patience you will be rewarded. Also the dirty water makes so the fish are not so finicky; I caught so many right next to the boat because they don't shy from a boat at all yet, you can park in a tree cluster and get multiple fish.

A brilliant spot to gain confidence in your techniques as well.....

Aya my hearts already sore thinking about it; I thing we should make a plan to go Steve_basscoza

Thanks for the lekker report FFF.
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Thanks for the detailed report with great pics and videos.
Sounds very affordable and well worth the bucks.
Team Aquamarine
it's reasonably close for you Joburg jollers, anyone done a fly in yet to Selebi-Phikwe for a quick few days fishing??
Well with my mom living in Jo'Burg now in the near future i could make plans for this dam!!! Just gotta renew my passport first!
Awesome reportback and awesome fish!
Awesome fish there Chris.
Looks like a lovely venue. Do you need a passport ??? :blue-badgrin: :blue-biggrin:

I fished with you on the Vaal and you modify that jig perhaps tell the new guys how and why ?? something interesting to try perhaps.
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