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hi guys i have bought me some finesse worms. its strike king super finesse worm green pumpkin. im new to finesse fishing and i would be thankful for advice. :blue-biggrin:
Downsize your line to 6lbs, use a nice soft tip rod ie moderate fast, use natural colours, fish slowly, weightless on calm days, weighted on windy days, use only soft heavy salted baits otherwise the bass will spit it out before you have felt the bite. Experience in finesse fishing required. Finesse does not mean small, rather soft touch.
I prefer to fish coffee grinder,light line and softer rod.SLOOOOOOOOWWWW it down............................patience,patience,patience.
Finesse worms are deadly weightless and even on mojo like in this post

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I got this on 10 lbs floro on my pinacle Optimus reel( baitcaster) kistler lg micro all purpose rod. Since I started using good quality reels I don't use coffee grinders any more no lure I can't cast weightless on my pinacle reels very smooth.
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