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Congrats Ryanie

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A big congrats to our very own Ryanie getting printed on Page 22 of the SA Bass June 2013 edition with a very good article about "Fishing with a legend"

This legend needs no introduction especially after the most gracious and unselfish deed of coming to August rescue recently..Mr Rob Fisher!

We all said you have it in you Ryanie. Hope this will be first of many.

Also could not help but to notice our famous juniors in BBB and JMG in photos of the junior nationals receiving their Protea colours. Well done lads.

Also spotted the faces of a few members in the photo of the Inanda Bass Club.
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congrats! very nice article/report you wrote!
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Well done Ryan good read like always.
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More BFSA'ers in SABASS, well done partner!

One cannot read it online .... or can you? :blue-rolleyes:
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I have looked at every possible way for an online reading.
Haven't found it.

Maybe they have a system where if you are subscribed to them they send you a link/PDF to read the magazine? :blue-question:
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I think it would be nice if the local bass magazines will move onto to ezine space. I found mine in Pick 'n Pay but I guess I should actually subscribe since I buy both every month.
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Congrats guys... will pick up the latest issue Smile
Well done too all, nice to get into a magazine article.
Team Aquamarine
Thanks Nav, Ninja, Ernst and co.

It really is an honour to be able to write a small story for a Bass Mag. I have been asked to write a few short stories and hope that there will be a few more to enjoy. Hope you enjoyed the read!

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