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Espn 2 on Dstv for Bass shows

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Hi Gents

I have heard people mention this on the forum before but I want to bring it to your attention again.

Currently there are so many sports, irrelevant to us in SA on television, there sre also really Shit channels on Dstv. I heard on the radio that 3 porn channels has been approved for dstv as well; that in itself might be good news to some but the point I am trying to make is this; wouldnt it be nice to have espn 2 on dstv? Watch the Bassmaster Elite series; Flw tour; Collegiate Bass tournaments etc etc. I am sure that there are enough of us Bass fanatics in South Africa to make it happen .
If whoever managed to get for example these porn channels to dstv; can we as bass anglers not demand to get ESpn2 and watch bass fishing shows.
Surely there must be enough people interested in this to make this happen.

Your thoughts please

O yes there is also other informative bass shows not just tournaments on this channel.
Well, then Ill get DSTV (thats for the Bass shows...not the other 3 channels :blue-badgrin: )

I must admit, we would have a valid point, getting the numbers to prove this point is a different story.
One fish can change it all.....
There are more porn subscribers than bass anglers in SA... not going ot happen for Espn2. Fact.

Some might disagree, but then they probably subscribe to the former

Where is the left arrow tag? :eusa_wall:
well i am in for the vote if only we could pull it off
That plan for ESPN 2 has my vote for sure, but what are the chances?
2 Fast - 2 Seriaaas

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"Steve Bartkowski"
@Jim from Zim; just forget about the porn; scroll through all your dstv channels from the beginning through to the end there are some channels that I doubt are appliccable to us for example foreign language channels etc.
Also consider this, we got ESPN classic; why cant we get Espn 2?

Cant we get a database or something going and at least make ourselves heard?
To say now it will never work before trying isjust Swak Styl.
ESPN2 is for American viewers only.
But I totally agree with you. Soccer is probably the biggest sport for Supersport, they use over 4 channels just for that, so why can't we get just an hours show a week?. If we can get Supersport just to buy a few(albeit a bite delayed) shows from one of the American bass fishing tournaments, it would be great. I don't think SS completely realize the value of Bass fishing yet. Local productions just does not cut it. How many have we've seen and go? And none of them were of world championship class we would love to see (Sorry, but yes. Americans do think it is a world championship if one or two international people take part).
Maybe we should tell them that South African also fish there sometimes. I don't know what it would take. I have seriously considered running a petition amongst our local fishing guys and present something to SS.

Maybe it is time we do some real research of facts about the amount off Bass fishermen in SA an get some sort of request together to SuperSport?
"ESPN has carried the Bassmaster Classic since 2000 and recently extended its agreement with B.A.S.S. through 2016. Beginning next year, ESPN’s distribution rights will extend beyond the United States to sub-Saharan Africa. ESPN will continue to televise 20 hours of original programming each year, including five hours of the Bassmaster Classic."


Let's all just be patient...
There is so much crap on DSTV !!
Why can't they just put our crap on :blue-biggrin:
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You got my vote for Espn 2

Just to give you an idea of what super sport thinks of bass fishing THEY dropped the BETT only one of south Africa's biggest tournaments.
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Here is an awesome show.

They have all the pros competing. And it really tests their knowledge and skill.
They all get the same boats(length and motor wise), And they fish a dam they have never fished before.
They get 15mins to scout the area and decide which spots they want to go to.

KVD is hammering the fish so far.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
[Image: outdoors_zps5be0abce.gif]
JM that is just a preview episode, there are no more full episodes on youtube of that show.
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search for the texas team trail on youtube, it doesnt have all the BASS pros but its still a very competitive tournament.

you can also watch full episodes of the Scott martin challenge on you tube
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Ya bru I know. Just saying that it might be on this ESPN 2 channel.
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ESPN Classic shows 2007-2009 Elite Series most nights @10pm

Also on the weekend they sometimes have an omnibus of all 5 shows back to back.....

Hilarious to see guys already using SI technology way back then and we still learning....

Anyway hope it helps
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