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Espn 2 on Dstv for Bass shows

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BassingMad Wrote:The porn channels are for toptv and not Dstv :blue-rolleyes:
However you guys will have my vote for that for sure.

@ Riprap Bassbaboon is my fishing partner :blue-biggrin:

We can try TOPTV as well, tell them that we are pulling fish out of the water without anything on them !!!
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OH Bring it on ! What a pleasure it would be to see current anglers , comps etc !! I dont even think we see the programming (as broadcasted )what ESPN 1 or 2 show in the USA. I think we have a mix of what DSTV can mull together. A question worth asking the powers @ DSTV @ESPN for sure. Lets keep pushing this !

As far as I know our ESPN 2 is the Classic ( OLD ) content. Id like to know what exactly we see on ESPN 1 in relation to what the USA puts out !

Also the relationship between BASSMASTER and ESPN in question ?
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WayneWAE Wrote:I think we have a mix of what DSTV can mull together.

Yeah! Perfect example is on Sunday what was meant to be 'A Day on the Lake' ended up being that Dave Mercer guy, think he is the new weighin MC guy for the Elite Series, theres something about him that irritates the hell out of me.
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this was posted on the DSTV Forum a while ago and posted on 2 various other forums and the backing or response was not very good.

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