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If you missed Zona's Awesome Fishing Show this morning at 9:00 on 230 ESPN then you need to watch the repeat or get a buddy to record it for you. This must be one of the best Small Mouth Bass TV fishing shows ever! Sight seeing fishing like you have never seen before. :blue-cool:
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It was amazing it was great it would have been funnier if zona did the fritz flip properly hahaha
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I like the part where the Bass attacks the guy who wants to put the camera by the nest.
I would like to do that!
Watched it today for the second time and this one is a keeper for the PVR!
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His show are just insane. Love them!
One fish can change it all.....
Imagine a show with zona and icconelli you will have to wear earplugs and put the tv on mute :blue-lol:
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Reading about Zonas Shows, make me think about getting DVD's off previos years Bassmaster Classics, Sombody Got a adress where I can get hold off these. (My First Message on the net)
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Which prompts my question, apart from Zonas cool shows and the odd fly fishing show, EPSN's outdoor lineup is certainly not what it used to be.

A lot of those shows have just ground to a hault, there used to be brilliant bass fishing shows.

I see though, we dont even get to watch the Bass MAster Classics anymore, or am I missing something here?
ESPN used to own the Bassmaster Classic hence they had the TV rights to it as well. They sold it 2 or so years ago.

Now we have to watch live streaming from if you want to see the price giving of the big events.
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Navrik Wrote:ESPN used to own the Bassmaster Classic hence they had the TV rights to it as well. They sold it 2 or so years ago.

Quote:On August 3, 2010, ESPN announced an agreement to sell the society to Birmingham, Alabama businessman and former Time Inc. chairman and CEO Don Logan,

That's a pity. I've been wondering what happened. Used to be my favourite Sat morning pass time when I'm not fishing.
I have also seen that episode and think those guys are a bunch of clowns.
Just my personal opinion.To do sight fishing like that is no fishing skill.
I prefered the Jimmy Houston show that was on back in the day.
It's on again Wednesday, 23rd at 16:30 om ESPN.
i set a reminder for B.A.S.S collegiate bass fishing and it didnt come on it was just stupid football!

where can i watch the bassmasters classic and collegiate fishing online. and not just the prize giving.... the whole thing?
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Snapswivel - morning and welcome. I see your avater is only 4kb in size thus very grainy. You can go up to 24kb which will greatly improve the quality. Shout if you need help.
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