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Outdoors365TV - Some Nice Bass

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Ahoy Guys

Its one of those Fridays again, when Outdoors365 brings you some local bassing action! Enjoy....

First its Topwater....

<iframe width="490" height="276" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

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Next Up is some good old Triple Tail Action

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These are just two products that will help you land more bass..... Make sure that Christmas list is up to date!

Thanks Billy, Marc & Donovan!

Tight Lines

Anyone thats fished with me before knows im frog befuck .... Ive always loved the Snagproof range of frogs and still do. After this day with Billy ive added a "few" Spro frogs to my range :blue-biggrin: ... What i enjoy about this frog is the "walk the dog" action. I watched television this day as it was the only Spro on the boat, eventually we took turns !! :blue-lol: :blue-lol: .....

Important tip to note is the rod position when walking the dog is different to when popping or fast moving a bait like the kicker frog...

Always remember the slight pause before setting the hook.(Billy was very "in tune" to the bite so he reacts quickly)

Frog fishing is by far the best way to catch bass and the most exciting... the only way you will ever find out if it works is to try it ...
Good fish.
Funny enough. Never been a fan of hollow-body frogs.
Have only ever caught 1 bass on 1. But that 1 bass was a 2 kilo so what the hell :blue-biggrin:
[Image: outdoors_zps5be0abce.gif]
Nice nice nicely done now I want to fish .
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@ Bassrat I must say i have become a big fan of the Spro range, thanks for the tip on rod position, its a small thing but it makes a ton of difference to presentation.

@jmgravenor Never, never, never underestimate the hollow bodied frog bait. In gauteng we have alot of fisheries that have extensive grass mats, some running for kms along one edge of a dam, the spro series of topwater frogs allows you to tackle that situation easily. Theres few things as exciting as popping the frog over a mat then BOOM! a fish slams it from under the matting! At rhenosterkop once i had a 2kilo jump clean over about a 1ft high patch of vegetation to land on the frog i was twitching on the other side..... priceless!

Throw it some more, you will find it more productive, also choose the right color, just like plastics, some colors get tons of fish some get a few, depends on the fishery.
Thanks for the advice Senko365!
I will definately try it more often at one dam I'm keeping an eye on :blue-biggrin:
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