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Bivane Dam

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Hi eveyone, forgot my old login so had to get a new name :blue-redface: .
Can anyone give me some info about bivane dam, what colours and lures work best,
how accessible is the fishing off the banks because i will not be taking my boat
with etc. Im trying to get my other half hooked on bass fishing ( then i'll get to fish more possibly ) and the place looks real nice.
Any help will be greatly appreciated
Thanks again.
Search through the report backs, remember Ninja did a report on Bivane dam.
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"The man who persists in casting will succeed in catching" - Capiez
DrDon - morning, why don't you rather request your old details from admin? It's so much easier to pick up where you left off!

Herewith the info:

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I fished the dam in April this year.

Here is the link to the report

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[Image: dbfa278d-72d0-4191-8a1b-dfc8df2ce222_zps5101ae66.jpg]
Thanks guys :blue-biggrin:
Bit of Bivane info.
Currently Bivane is sitting on about 36%. The fishing at this stage is on fire!
Fishing from the bank is limited to the area around the campsite, slipway and the two new chalets on the right as you come down the hill. Lately the fishing has been great with lots of 3kg jobs being taken. All lures seem to be working. Arkansas Shiner Z- too fished mojo will produce. Deadsticking will produce the goods on the Z-too in deeper water.

Natural coloured cranks will also produce. The best fishing unfortunately will come from the boaters.

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