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Nice Bass on the Tilapia Triple Tail

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Coyote Wrote:Holding out on the right colour Rob? mmmmmm :blue-doubt:

Just kidding the Kriet tail is also my go to :blue-biggrin:

My number one colour is the Pumpkin/Junebug laminate followed by the Tilapia... :blue-biggrin:
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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Tx Guys

@Rob Fisher, I spent so much of the last year fishing hardbaits that i had almost forgotten just how effective the plastic bite can be. The squirrel tail and triple tail have got me happy again. I've caught a bunch of fish on the squirrel tail and some big ones on the triple tail and jerk minnow. I'm yet to fish the Kriet tail hard but its on my list.

@Marc & Billy, I did almost forget about the scented aspect its awesome and i definitely didnt forget about the jerk minnow billy. I'm still unclear on how to post pictures or i could post two fish over 2.5 that i got on that! shhhhhh! :blue-badgrin:

@Dreamfish, GL bud let us know
@Ernst, its a GP fish!
@ Madfin, its from a pond in pretoria where its virtually impossible to launch your boat unless you a bit of a fanatic, bank access is hell and a bit unsafe so its inflatables for the brave. Congrats again on making it through to finals! GL there @lakelotto :blue-idea: practice the fighting frog. You will find Big Bite at any Mias, Sollys and definitely Western Accessories.

Enjoy the Weekend Guys!

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