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New Waters

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Howzit guys

Being an avid kick boater I would like to know if any of you have info on these dams first of all do they have bass in and secondly what are their facilities like if any of you have any info it would be appreciated. Also found and interesting site link below:

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Duiwenhoks Dam – Mosselbay
Elandskloof Dam – VilliersDorp
Floriskraal Dam – Laingsburg
Gamkapoort Dam – Prince Albert
Kammanassie Dam – Oudshoorn
Keerom Dam – Worcester
Klipberg Dam – McGregor
Miertjieskraal Dam – Riverdale
Pietersfontein Dam – Montague
Stompdrift Dam – De Rust
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As far as I know Floriskraal has bass. Elandskloof is a syndicated trout water. Stompdrift is carp teritory, don't know if it holds bass as well.
Interesting site :blue-smile:
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PDV Wrote:Interesting site :blue-smile:

Hey Paul, goed om jou weer te sien op die site. Daai Landskroon Port van jou het my lewe gered in die Drakenberg so paar weke gelede toe dit so gesneeu het daar. Check my report, ek en die sneeuman het lekker gedrink aan die Landskroontjie. :blue-biggrin:
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Howzit Roy.
Stompdrift Dam has got bass, but hard to locate. Massive carp population there.
Miertjieskraal doesn't have bass.
Floriskraal and Gamkapoort has bass.
Other dams I'm not familiar with.
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"The man who persists in casting will succeed in catching" - Capiez
Hi gents
If you guys give permission to report in Afrikaans, I can give you a full report on most of the dams + some more. I fished most of them.
Please do. We can do a translation if anyone requres the info in English
Regards Robert Jacobs

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