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Inanda 16 June 2012

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A full weekend …

Its been quite a while since I have been off on a Saturday and had been looking forward to the ‘break”.

My sneaker motor was not performing and I took the prop off and found that the shear pin had broken and damaged the inside of the prop. After some hunting around and requests on the sites Carlo came to my rescue with a perfectly good used prop saving me a few ZAR. I still needed to make a plan for a shear pin.

On Saturday morning I went to Mica to see if I could find one and whilst picking the brains of one of the assistants another Club Member overheard the conversation and offered me a spare that he had at home. Thanks Nigel for the help. I then fitted the prop and headed off to Inanda.

As I made my way down to the dam my thoughts drifted to the kindness I had experienced recently and I thanked my Maker that I could be fishing on this day and not couped up in that forsaken office…for on this day I was not a "weka" ...

No.... on this day I was a fisherman.... and everything made sense…

I arrived at the dam to find a 20 – 25 km/h SW blowing which in general is the opposite to the NE which normally blows towards the River Section across the belly of the Dragon. Quickly I launched the boat and made my way to Dusi Point.

Drifting across the point I fired a salvo of casts that peppered the area. My weapon of choice, a finesse jig with a small craw trailer… One knock knock enquiry brought on a bit of focus and on the next cast a solid thud resulted in a 700g keeper glistening in the sun as I held her up to admire…ah life was grand. The fish had taken the bait in 16ft of water off the point. It seemed like the larger fish were suspended between the 12 – 16 ft zone in 30 ft.

I decided to head up towards the river and make further enquiries of the Inanda Bass Population. The wind picked up a few knots as if egging me on and my sneaker repairs were more than equal to the task. A stop off at Mad House produced a few nibbles but no glory and I pressed on into the River Section proper in my quest for the Ultimate Fat Girl with Queens "Fat Bottom Girls" on repeat in my head . I noticed a few boats in the area as I passed Goat Cliff. A glance at the fish finder placed the water temp at 16 degrees on the mercury and I wondered what role this would eventually play.

I continued with the Finesse Jig but changed to a bulkier Junebug Rage Craw Trailer, I decided to fish the jig slow and deliberate but only managed a few half hearted nibbles. On my previous outings I found that the trailer fished Texas caught more fish but when rigged on the jig produced the better fish.

Somewhat disheartened by this stage I was about to head out of the River to find more productive waters when I made a long cast parallel to the bank to neaten out a small tangle and burnt the bait back and was stunned when the bait was hit with menacing intent not once but three times... and as they say third times a charm...sssstrike! The resulting bend and ALL IN fight pleased me no end. Some Cirque Du Soleil balancing tricks helped me reach into the hatch to retrieve the net that I had just packed away and I managed to net her. A healthy 1.5kg specimen with the typical pale river colouring.

[Image: bass-fishing-trip-066web.jpg]

She ended up being the biggest for me for the day. The key for me was a quicker almost swim jig type retrieve. Towards the afternoon I netted another 900 grammer on a quicker retrieve with a watermelon red trailer.

A good day on the water and I made my way home to watch the Bokke do the business against the English…
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Lekker post Ryanie nice fish too..
Thanks for the feedback Mr BFSA's #1 Author. :blue-cool:
[Image: dbfa278d-72d0-4191-8a1b-dfc8df2ce222_zps5101ae66.jpg]
Thanks Guys....
Ninja dont blow sugar in another mans ear :blue-biggrin:
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Lekka report Raynster! When are you visiting the Cape :blue-question:

I would like to read you when a nice 2kg Smalltrain hits your lure :blue-biggrin:
Regards Robert Jacobs
Nice report back Ryanie!

Yo Ninja I like it when sugar is blown in my ear! Don't be a spoil sport Ryanie!

Louis and I will be hitting Albert's with a vengeance on Wednesday! I am now done with stinking Nagle for some considerable time to come.
Regards Rob
Vice President SABAA Natal
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Great reading Ryanie! Lovely fish, well done! :blue-biggrin:
[Image: Dreamfish.jpg]
What a lekka read as usual - can sense your excitement to get a day on the water office! mooi one.
Nice one Ryan. See from the Ninja's picks you have upgraded from the old rubber duck. Nice rig. Good to see Inanda producing fish. Looking forward to Alberts BETT at the end of the month.
Real men smoke Shimano's!
robfisher Wrote:Nice report back Ryanie!

Yo Ninja I like it when sugar is blown in my ear! Don't be a spoil sport Ryanie!

Louis and I will be hitting Albert's with a vengeance on Wednesday! I am now done with stinking Nagle for some considerable time to come.

Thanks Uncle Rob! Sorry about the tough fishing at Nagel but take heart from the fact that you had to have a good year to be there in the first place.

best of luck with Alberts ..I am so tempted to pull a "sickie" :blue-biggrin:
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Nice one Ryan, Glad to hear you came right with the Pin n Prop
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Thanks Chris and thanks for your help in the first place, the pin that we modified was actually way out the shear pin is Imperial 1/8 of an inch diametre
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