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Managing our Bass

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Managing our Bass - But would this work for RDW?

Hi Guys,

After the great response to "resting RDW" i have been on a research mission to look at ways that we as anglers could start being more involved with managing our little green resource,countrywide!

The reason that RDW is getting all the press, beside the obvious, is that any efforts by us anglers, on a lake this size, should reap rewards relatively fast. So if we can get RDW right, then the sky is the limit.

So, i stumbled across this VERY interesting article. It' a bit long but let me know your Thoughts.....

Article removed by Admin


Sorry, but this article has been posted before. I was asked to remove the article by bassresource. I have posted the link below. Thanks

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... rvest.html</a><!-- m -->
hahaha Batskin - welcome to the "censorship bill" boet - some okes get away with it & others don't so best sometimes to just post the link especially when the info comes from those buggers up North from whence our little green fish come.

Me, I think my posts are monitored.......I even once sent an apology to the admin of a well respected resource site up North and never got the courtesy of a reply..... :blue-shock: :blue-shock:
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