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Winter Blues

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Smurf... you got da blues bad my man. All I do is work, sleep, play a few instrumnets now and then and work on plan's for building my house. Then I can dream of fishing! Pity the first point takes the most of my time and Fu%k's it down the toilet along with my sanity, youth and patience... :blue-cry:
Life is to short, live it, fish it, play it!
Thats why I live in ZIMBABWE... even in winter we catch good ones... and its almost always above zero!
Okay where did I put that blunt knife ........ I need to slit my wrists :blue-sad: no fishing for two months .

But on the bright side I have my nice new fly fishing rig to test out and a few trout callling my name
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Stuff that just came back from a quick throw in a farm dam before I slit my wrists...and my partner actually got a fish in the freezing water.

Nothing like a bit of ice fishing to make us smile again :blue-biggrin:

Not where is my remote. It is BOKKE watching time :blue-cool:
Regards Robert Jacobs

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