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Fish Tagging

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I always wanted to know what the growth rate is, how long bass live etc. (In our farm dam) The only way one can determine that is by tagging a bass. I came across this site “Fish Tagger” where you can buy these unique numbered tags. It comes with an application needle and there is a video explaining how to tag.

If you then catch a tagged fish, write down the number, weigh, measure its length and then go to the web site where you can enter the number to get all the detail from the tagged fish.

I ordered a pack of ten and it was here within a week. Will be tagging some bass in our farm dam to see how it works.

So, if you ever catch that elusive 4kg Smallie in Kwaggas – check the tag!

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Very interesting post PDV.

I am very keen to see how this information will shed a lot more light in the growth and behaviour of the green and gold fish that we like so much.
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Let me know if you need help tagging :blue-biggrin:


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