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Trima Lures

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This is just my opinion.

Firstly congrats to rapala for moving forward and producing lures that mimic our bait fish.

However, the way rapala go about marketing lures to us its as if they recon we dont have any brains.

I have never used these yet (gonna get a packet to give them a throw) and presume they are pretty good based on the fact that they imitate our bait fish.

What seriously irritates me is not the cost (as hand poured can't be cost effective) but that they now have two seperate products, their reason for these is classic.....

The Natural series and the Tournament series.

According to their article
Tournament Series - If you want lots of bites and fill up your livewell with small fish. (implying that you cant catch big fish with this series you have to have the other series to do this sorry). Once you have your five fish limit, you can now pull out the ....

The natural series - Once you have filled your live well with what i can only assume to be small fish, you can now use these to catch kicker fish.

I mean honestly. Do we look that stupid. They obviously targeting newbies with this strategy.

Fisherman: "I want to catch lots of fish....mmmm but i also want to catch big fish.....darn i'll have to by a packet from each series"


What you guys think, am i being overly critical?

R20 a fluke is to much!! I dont car if it is hand chizzeled to perfection. Anyway, zoom and bitter baits flukes have a pretty wide range of colours, and with a little accurate aplication of the right dips you can mimic things anyway.
As for the big fish vs small fish thing, I think you pretty much covered it.
One fish can change it all.....
I agree with Frogstar...I also found the article a bit puzzling when I read it. I have had great success with Bitters Skip Shad recently which means when I need confidence I tie on one of those.
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Yeah it is quite strange how they have gone about this. I saw those Tournament plastics the other day at Specialist and there were only two colour choices...and not even a common colour like watermelon or junebug but some brown caramel colour.
The Natural series has always grabbed my eye but have always been put off by the price. I guess one of these days, sooner rather than later, a packet will find its way to my tackle bag.
Probably also a reason why I havent bought a packet yet is that I havent read or heard any positive feedback about them.
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I have bough a packet of Z-to. They are amazing!! Its was R40 for the packet. It only has 5 in it, but you can probably catch in excess of 20-30 fish on one fluke. I was just waiting to fing a packet in watermelon red before I buy. Now I have, and they are awesome. Give them a try!!
One fish can change it all.....
I also have a few packs of those and the Zulu i think its called.
The white and the arkansa shiner also work very well. Deadly when they are rigged mojo. But my favourite is weightless with a 3o.
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I have a few pack of the Z-too. Awesome topwater lure as they float. Walk the dog really well. Never really got the knack of using them weighted and I'm sure it has a good action, must try.
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how much more I have to learn about fishing.
The Trima Lures are not manufactured by the distributors of Rapala, they only distribute and I think the Rapala guys are the problem as far as price is concerned. Always the middle man making the money.

I have used a few of the Trima Lures. They work very well and on the rear of the packaging they tell you which lure mimic would be found in what area, such as Red Breasted Thilapia in KZN dams for instance.

I agree though, their prices are exactly the same as Gary Yamamoto, which I would rather use. :blue-doubt:
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Quote:I agree though, their prices are exactly the same as Gary Yamamoto, which I would rather use.

huh?? - R65 / 10 X stretch 40's Gary - and R95 for 5 X flukes Trima... :blue-question:

i have a packet, i have used 2 of the 5, now i dont want to use the rest - i want to frame them - the framing will be less than the lure!
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You have to catch a big fish before you can frame it.
One fish can change it all.....
NEE ek wil net die trima vlei kurper fluke frame...

August, vertel ons weer van jou ondervinding van Mend It asb!~
BoatWrapperVincent Wrote:huh?? - R65 / 10 X stretch 40's Gary - and R95 for 5 X flukes Trima... :blue-question:

This is so weired

I just came back from the fishing specialist. I had a packet of Trima flukes in my hand "Blue Gill". The price was really hurting me so i put them down and took a packet of Stretch 40's instead :blue-biggrin:

I have used mend it. The small bottle fixed about 30 lures. I've now ordered a large bottle from tacklewarehouse.

Mend it works lekka for me. I do not, however, use it while I am on the water, unless it is an emergency. I take all the ripped worms home. Then I apply mendit to the needed area, very sparingly. Leave it a good while to set. I sommer leave the the afternoon. Then I take all the fixed worms. Drop them in just boiled water for a couple of seconds. Take them out and (in the case of flukes) put them on a table as straight as possible and let them cool down. Then they look like new and is "pen reguit". For a final touch you can put them back in its original packiging and apply a touch of something like olive oil or (as bergie suggested, and it works lekka) some garlick spray and cook. Dont over do the oil part!!
They look lekka after that.
And I got a hell of a lot more worms than 30 out of one bottle of mend it.
The thing is it does take a little longer to properly set, and thats why it does always work on the water, because you want your plastic and you want it know. Another thing is the plastic should be dry for best application and if it just came from the water (which would be the case while fishing) it will not work properly!!
One fish can change it all.....
BWV you must tell me where you buy your lures. We pay R105,00 a packet of Gary Yamamotos on the South Coast. :blue-evil:
Real men smoke Shimano's!
I paid R65 at Fishing Specialist for Stretch 40's this afternoon.
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