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Dixon Deep Cycle Batteries

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I was purchasing some chemicals yesterday and saw our local Agric shop now stocks Dixon batteries. Herewith the impressive specs on the 105AH. Anyone got any experience with this brand for boating??

Hi Rip. While I cannot comment on the Dixon ones I must say I am very glad I paid the premium and got the Discover batteries. I am running 2 x 85Ah models and are saving 6kg on weight compared to the 105Ah models I previously used.

From videos I have seen where the pros in the US discuss batteries and what I have experienced first hand I am convinced the AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) technology is better than the wet cell batteries.

Fishton did a real world test which he posted on another site where the Discover batteries came out on top compared to other typical batteries we would use.

We used 12 of these in a battery backup system for a call center and it worked really well when we experienced load shedding.
Regards Robert Jacobs
What was the price on those Rip?
[Image: outdoors.gif]
Hey Billy, R1 896.00 incl. & scrap battery.
Shoto Rip
[Image: outdoors.gif]

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