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lowrance hook 3x dsi

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morning gents.
I am selling a lowrance hook 3 x dsi for R 1800. it's brand new and never used. bought it for my kb but as i've sold it i've got no use for it. pop me a pm if interested. me and wife are moving to hudson minnesota usa so most of my stuff i sold. cheaper to buy new stuff over there as shipping stuff from sa to usa.
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Hey Breede, morning. Sorry to hear about the move but will market it within our club as well. Good luck.
Hi Rippie. Our daughter is living there. Out first grandchild was born a month ago so nothing keeping us in sa anymore. Unfortunatly our son in law is no bass angler but i will get used to it ha ha.
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Maybe he does "papgooi" for those things you love ( :eusa_whistle: ) and you two can really spend some time on the water..............
Easy...leave him behind... :eusa_shhh:

Sorry to see you go BS but I am sure you are going to enjoy the states.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Wow! That's a big move Oom! I wish the best for you and your family over there! :blue-wink:
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