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interests in developing a new small competition

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Hi everyone. .hope you guys out there are all well.
I know I am new to this forum still but I thought lets ask the pro's advice on this subject and see what everyone has to say..

Il cut straight to the point..
I am thinking about putting a competition together for bank anglers only here in the
Eastern cape.i know I have no experience in competition fishing yet but im sure
If I put something together at a beaut of a private venue I have the good fortune of fishing others would be more than keen.
Basically what im seeking advice on is how to put this together and if something like this was done would folks be keen to participate?

Any thoughts and feedback would be great appreciated. .
Have a great one guys..
Hey boet. There is a small craft bass trail in PE which is fairly new and developing. I think they have bank anglers as well but the problem here is venues that are also suitable for bank angling.

Contact Todd Camons on 0eight2 8two8 499five
[Image: big_fish_eat_little_fish.jpg]
Howsit rap..ey you on it ey..
Yea this venue I have in mind is quite large and spacious offering bank
Anglers plenty opportunity with all kinds of environment scenarios to fish..its quite well stocked and if I get permission and it works out after careful planning I think
It could be quite a frequent event..
You think guys would be interested and whats the main requirements to ensure a good competition?
Thanks for feedback
IMO - the main issue with bank angling in a comp is fish welfare - how to keep it healthy until it is weighed.
Common keep-nets are convenient but can be destructive.
The owner might not like to see his fish being returned with damaged fins.

I'm all for bank angling - they are a massive untapped market wrt competitions.
One of my main focuses is actually on that exact issue..
Im devising a plan to ensure well being of the fish firstly and solving the problem of accurately weighing the fish upon actual capture with then direct release afterwards as to avoid any shock or discomfort to the actual bass themselves..
I myself practice catch photo release..I have read most of the latest articles and posts in regards to fish been injured or treated poorly in comps due to livewells or keep nets so I wouldnt allow that at working on that solution currently. .
Again thank you for input and advice guys..
The No.1 requirement is source suitable venues, obtaining the required permissions first, determine costs and rules and regulations pertaining to that venue. Private land owners are within their rights to be sticky!

Now, simply because it's competitive means that someone must win and a prize of sorts is offered for bragging rights. I do not advocate the use of keep nets (Carp fishing type) nor do I advocate unsuitable receptacles along the waters edge to stew fish in.
CPR or weighing and releasing fish with identical electronic scales per angler is the logical way to go if you don't need to rely on lie detector tests. Why do I say this? Simply because it's the next logical step and the industry reluctance to this is because it's not so easy to implement and create that mind shift change required to persuade anglers. Obviously the welfare of the fish is the most important so that you can catch more and bigger fish now and in the future......... Wink

Give Todd a ring. It might be worthwhile joining forces and piggy backing on an existing structure with like minded individuals.
PS: He's prepping for a Divisional fish-off so maybe next week would be better.
[Image: big_fish_eat_little_fish.jpg]
Ok cool rap..I will do that..
Again appreciate all the input..ive got a few good ideas and im sure everyone
Likes cash prizes keep everyone posted..could be the next best thing
Since sliced bread and maybe a few doors will open along the way..getting more
Amped just thinking about it haha..
Hey guys..ok so il be asking permission this weekend if I may host a
bank angling competition at the venue I fish. I have come up with a pretty good plan on weighing and recording fish caught during the day with immediate release after been caught. I was wanting to know which of the main rules in competition fishing should be enforced and are vital to a clean, enviroment friendly event? I do have a few rules of my own that will be applied aswell but I just need to know what else must be added to have my bases covered?
Any advice and input would go along way..
Thanks as always to everyone for asssiting me
Go have a look on <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a><!-- m -->. if you click on a tournament you will see the full rules listed. Just use the ones that will be applicable to your comp. Maybe even list your comp on there and use the system once everything is arranged... its free Smile
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Thanks mate. .il definitely go have a look..
Have a good one
This guy runs bank comps in the states

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Couple of points

1. Big fish comp only
2. Seem to have cooler boxes to temporarily hold fish, while he does laps around dam weighing and recording on same scale

Looks like great fun
Ok thank you..all the enthusiasm and advice is greatly appreciated. .
Ive been studying the ins and outs of competition rules and if I get the go ahead it will just be a matter of putting altogether and wala a new event and opportunity for all like minded bass anglers will be born.. :eusa_dance:
Another question to all..always have questions I know. .
Those entering freshwater angling competions, is it a requirement for all participants to have a freshwater fishing licence? Or is this not necessary?
The EC doesn't require a fishing licence for freshwater anymore.
Cooler boxes without aeration systems are for beers.....not for fish!
[Image: big_fish_eat_little_fish.jpg]
Thanks rip..ok great was just one thing I wasnt sure for the cooler boxes haha yes I agree dont worry the thought never even entered my mind..
I believe the system I have intened on using will be very successful and im sure all will agree aswell once I present it..

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