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Soft Plastic Colours in Murky Water

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Hi All

I am sure that this Topic has been covered in the Past but can someone please tell me what Soft Bait Colours work well in Murky / Muddy water ?

For me personally - Black or a combination of Black/Blue works best in Murky/Muddy waters. I love fishing in these conditions, usually the bass are way more agro and bite easier.
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Always a tricky one. Often this is where scents come into play but I know some top anglers that never use scent or highlight pens etc.
Black and as mentioned above will obviously offer the best silhouette a bass can see as it's primary hunting sense is sight. Combinations also not a bad choice like this beauty!

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Junebug, black/ chart
Black works for me..
It depends:

For open waters I'll run something dark (black) with a paddle tail (like a little spanky/grub/dead ringer), Rocky banks/Cliff's I'll throw a crank, and tree's/reeds I'll pitch a short fat black creature bait.

Adding anything with a vibration will help
Adding a bead for some noise between the sinker and the hook on a Texas rig.

I have caught with Watermelon in pretty murky water as well so other factors than just colour come in to play but I would look at darker colours light blank, junebug and green pumkin of even a combination of these

The visibilty comes into play as well. You can have one area of the dam have 15 cm of vis and in another area have 45 cm.
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Excellent , thx for the info !
Hi guys

I think the key here is what do you consider "Murky" if you are on the vaal river in flood, the water is that lekker red brown (two coffees one milk please) then you would have to use something with the correct frequency of vibration and your presentation has to be pin point, the bass is working with lateral line and close proximity vibration. if the bass hadn't gorged itself in the low pressure which caused the flood, then you might get lucky. However if you stick your rod tip in the water and you can see the first two eyes, then a combination of profile and vibration are key, the best contrast in this case comes from a colour that absorbs others i.e. a dark colour like black.

my 2c
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