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2017 Elgin Bass Classic

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some details but leaves more questions.
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Southpaw Wrote:some details but leaves more questions.

Such as?
Occasionally I use words I don't fully understand to make myself sound more photosynthesis.
Statements such as - "Dis nog baie nuut vir ons om so kompetisie te hou, en ons is maar net n klomp boere wat geld insamel vir liefdadigheid." worry me a bit when the entry fee for a boat is R800. Perhaps the organisers should clarify the rules / number of entries / comp times / format etc before we mission out to the valley....
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I think there are various ways of looking at such an comp.

1. This is a serious comp with serious prizes and a selection of top anglers gunning for the top of the podium. If this is the case then the rules needs to be rock solid, tested and well policed. The prizes needs to be impressive and organizers should ensure all the i's are dotted en t's are crossed. No smiles allowed - this is serious.

2. A Fun competition on a dam that is not usually accessible. The prizes are there, but not that important. The rules are there but not all of them and probably not that well policed. Winning is a bonus, but again its not the aim. The aim is fun and bringing in the money for an organization that needs it.

My gut feel is that this comp falls under category 2 - so guys view it through that lense. Yes the entrance fee is high; but the real estate on the water is limited and not enough space for 40 boats. Therefore they are asking an entrance fee that will bring in enough money and make the event for the limited qty of people that REALLY want to fish such a great spot whilst having some fun at whatever price that is. This unfortunately means that its too rich for my blood - And I'm fine with that.

Hope you guys enjoy the day. Fished there only once and it was amazing!
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Well said TB!

It is not a serious event. It is there to raise funds and in the process fish a dam that I know quite a few guys have been dying to get a chance too.
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I hear you. But certain aspects of any ( even social ) comps such as rules need to be made clear before guys will commit to an outing that's costing in the region of 2 grand....
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Hey all,
I'm honestly just doing it for the social side of things and in the hope of catching some decent well as give money to an organization that needs it..
however I would like to know are there diff prizes for the kickboat guys??
Thanks all and really looking forward to a good day on the water.
Live in the Moment...
49 Fish were weighed today, average weight, 1.622Kg's , Largest 4kg, smallest 0.44kg.
Every single one released , and swimming strongly for someone else to catch.

Full results are available on
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Congrats Toadee
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Thanks! Report tomorrow morning.
Occasionally I use words I don't fully understand to make myself sound more photosynthesis.
Saturday morning started at 04h30 for me, hitching the boat and thundering off into the dark. Got to Applethwaite's gates in quick time and then took a leisurely tour of the orchards (i.e. I missed an arrow and politely got lost). Luckily I wasn't lost for too long and got to the ski-club as everyone was starting to stir.

It had clearly been a quiet evening as there weren't any shambling hungover undead! I got the boat in the water in no time and spent the next 40 minutes greeting familiar faces.

After a quick and painless briefing we all shot off in different directions. I managed to lead the pack to the weir where I quickly caught two not-quite dinks and then watched a 3kg fish come out of water I had just past over. :eusa_sick: :eusa_sick:

Moving down the bank I was entertained by the same plus-sized dinks with good frequency.

Exchanging info with passing boats quickly made it clear that there were a good few 2.5kg plus fish in livewells so I had to change my approach. I stopped for a while and looked for unpressured water. I noticed that the north-eastern end of the dam (closest to the slip) was largely uninhabited so I made my way across and started moving back towards the slip. More dinks (and proper ones to boot) had fun with my senko.

Another change was required. Inspired by Craig Crossman (swimbait expert) I figured it was time for a bigger lure. I wanted a LARGE reaction bait so I rigged a chatterbait with a 5-inch craw (the bait weighed more than 3/4oz and was more than 6" of metal, lead and plastic). A 7ft MH fast action glass rod and 7:1 reel with 12lb fluoro completed the rig.

By this time I was pretty close to the slip and the shore line grass was more dense and matted with little cuts and pockets. The leading edge was also a foot deeper making perfect ambush points for a big bass.

I pitched into a textbook pocket and before I could blink the big girl was on. She luckily came straight out of the cover and stayed just below the surface. After a quick fight and two or three scoops with the net she was in the boat.


The previous occupant of my livewell was evicted and replaced by a monster.

I made the 200m dash to the weigh-station to be met by the great guys from the Elgin Round Table who had watched the entire fight. After a quick bit of back-slapping and photos she was back in the water.

It was only 9o'clock. I now had to wait for 6 more hours to see if I had won!

Back on the water I struggled to slow down. I made my way back up the dam catching the odd dink but everytime I heard someone whoop and holler I couldn't help myself but to edge closer and see what they had caught.

Late in the day news that Richard (Smurf) had caught a submarine came across the water. I resigned myself to 2nd place. I got back to weighstation and quickly made my way to Richard to see what he had caught.

He hadn't weight it yet! He figured it would make good drama to keep his fish until last. My stomach lurched! The stress was too much. When he finally put a beautiful specimen in the weigh basket the display read 3.68.

I had won!!! :eusa_dance: :eusa_dance: :eusa_clap:

A new PB of 4.00kg and first place. What a day.

I would like to thank Elgin Round Table, all the sponsors and Applethwaite for a memory that will last a very long time. I hope to be back to give it a go next year as well.
Occasionally I use words I don't fully understand to make myself sound more photosynthesis.
Congrats on the win and PB. Well done. Smile
Garnet Prince
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Toadee Wrote:I'll keep my tar, feathers and pitchfork in the cupboard for the moment.

Good thing you did :blue-badgrin:

Well done on the new PB! :eusa_clap:
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Well done!!
Good stuff 4Kg wow

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