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Cast for Cash FLW Results

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Here is the link on Weighmasters.NET for the tournament standings after the first 2 events:
Regards Robert Jacobs
Thanks Nav. Im busy with the report back
Thanks guys, team bfsa had a great time. It's nice to fish a Western cape venue where the fishing is actually good for a change :blue-lol:

On Saturday we had bag within 45 min on spinnerbaits. The fact that the day starts at first light is really great and gives you enough time to capitalize on that morning bite. After the sun came out the power bait bite died down a bit and we started targeting isolated grass patches where we managed to catch fish on swimjigs and mojo stretch 40. We roughly caught around 20 fish for the day. This was enough to give us a second place standing for the Saturday.

The Sunday was a bit different for us and the morning powerbait bite was not as present as the day before. We only had bag at 10:30 where we caught 4 fish on buzzbait and another on spinnerbait. Unfortunately we had dropped 4 fish at that point including a 2.5kg+ kicker that came half body out the water and shook a spinnerbait. The fish were short striking a lot which i think accounted for some poor hookups. We proceeded to cull fish on the buzzbait straight throughout the day and managed one on crank late afternoon when the wind picked up. Our worm bite was basically non existent and none of our primary spots from the day before delivered fish :blue-neutral:. All in all we still had a great day and ended in 8th position the Sunday.

A big thanks to to the sponsors for making this possible. Andy i think the first 2 events went really well thanks for organizing :eusa_clap:
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