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2017 Theewaters Classic

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Thanks Dreamfish and theBee.

Yeah TWK has been responsible for my lowest and highest achievements of my fishing career but bee that as it may it is becoming a firm favourite in the list of dams I have have fished.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Any small mouth caught
I know one the juniors caught one.

Not sure about any others.
Regards Robert Jacobs
KingDon Wrote:Any small mouth caught

3 that I know of..
awesome report NAV.
Well fished man
Suppose I better give in a report too, seem as though I haven’t done this in a while either...

It started a week before the comp, I was booked to fly down to cape town and fish with Jnr Fraser, but sadly for him his mom put her foot down and grounded him which left me hanging without a partner. One of the sponsors, Karan Beef, let me know that an ex southern division and nationals angler has just moved to Cape Town and I should give him a call to see if he’s keen. A quick contribution to my cell phone service provider and it was confirmed that Flip and I will be fishing together.

Flip picked me up from the airport Friday afternoon at 2pm, head off to Ian’s house to collect the boat and bakkie and get things sorted for the comp. On packing the HMS Riddell, we realised that one of the batteries for the dual system on the cranking batteries was giving issues, so a quick few phone calls later we had a spare kindly lent to us by Freddie Steyn for the comp.
On arrival at the dam Friday afternoon, we went about our business of finalising the boat and tackle, taking the lazy route and not changing the faulty battery that evening and opting to try charge it bad one up instead...
Saturday morning arrived and we missed our start time due to the faulty battery... pulling away a good 30min behind the last boat out.

We opted to try the same thing as everyone else, hit the tree’s up past the bridge area. Up to 09h30 this didn’t work and we opted to move back to the main dam area and try a few spots out. We eventually got off the water for a few odds and ends at 10am and additional cold drinks. We launched again shortly after that and trundled around the corner only to see a boat fishing an off shore spot which perked our interest. We approached them and they offered for us to join them on the spot, specifically asking us to show them how to catch the fish off the area. Well, would you believe that 2 casts later I hooked a biggie that I was showing off with trying to lip land and lost the fish...
Another 2 casts later and Flip was into the big fish of the tournament – 3.16kg – which we decided to land with the net. Thanks to our useless effort of sorting out the batteries we didn’t have any live wells, no electrics, nothing but a main and trolling motor, so we opted to rather weight the fish in and come back to the spot a little later once it had re-loaded. Of course we did come back but couldn’t find the exact spot again as we couldn’t mark it on the finders.

On Friday evening in the pub, a sweepstakes private bet was held whereby teams could throw R100 into the hat and biggest fish on Saturday would take all, which we managed to win with our one and only fish. We ended up in 6th posi for the day with this one only. Sadly if my antics of showing off didn’t take shape we could have been sitting much happier for the day’s rankings around 2nd overall.

Sunday dawned and we had solved our battery issues. With everything working we were confident we would find the spot again and be able to work it until the other boats pulled in. We had 4th start position for the day so we were confident we would get it. I guess that idea didn’t work as we were more than 200m off the actual spot. When the kind gents from the day before arrived, they marked the spot and again called us in to fish it with them, but this time round the odds were in their favour and they ended up getting the biggie off it shortly after inviting us in. This gave them the big fish for the day of 3.08kg and won themselves R 5 000 for the event. Well deserved
The spot did produce more fish for us, but not the biggies we were wanting. We did however end up breaking off on a few big ones that would have kicked our bag again. Sadly, it wasn’t to be and we ended up in tie for 4th/5th place with the gents that were very kind to allow us to fish their spot for the weekend. They beat us on the count out as they managed 4 fish for the comp which (rightly so) bumped them into 4th overall. Well done to them, and hats off to them also for allowing us to fish their spot.

Full results and info on <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a><!-- m -->

Thanks for a great comp guys, see you again next year
Lekka report Jim, that's fishing for you boet......
Nice report Zim. Johandre Odendal caught the biggest fish on Sunday. Gertjie se seun en hulle is albei Artlure hengelaars. Mark Wegenhoff was 2de en 3de met sy 2 groot visse.
SMILE, it can change the world around you. Stywe lyne
Enjoyed reading this report it is as if I was there thanks again
Lekka report time ask you partner to hold back to day 2 to catch the biggest one...

Really good fish...not bad to open your account at TWK with a 3kg+
Regards Robert Jacobs
Well done Zimbo!! Always a lekker to catch a fish like that in a classic!

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