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Custom Jigs Colours

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Hi All

wanted to get some custom colour jigs made to match more the SA conditions. Any good colours or fish to replicate over? As I know all the US colours don't really match our dams here for fish.

Any thoughts? I am thinking small kurper colours.
There is a SA Luremakers FB page where I am sure you will get what you are looking for:
[Image: 20160425%20All%20Sponsors%20Footer.png]
thanks, was more looking for what fish/bait should I get jigs to match to?

kind of what colours work best if I could customize vs US standard colours
I would think a bluegill would be first choice. From there I would like at the various kurper options depending on what the resident baitfish woudl be.

Here at Kwaggaskloof, Brandvlei and Theewaterskloof a silvery white would be good as Gillcristella is a prominent baitfish.
[Image: 20160425%20All%20Sponsors%20Footer.png]
Dirty Jigs have 45 different swim jig colours! I would be surprised if you can't find a colour that closely resembles your resident bait fish. As an example, the Ayu colour is, in my opinion, a good approximation of some of the smaller kurper varieties.

Dirty Jigs Swim Jigs
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thanks for info. will try get sum dirty jigs then...

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