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Mofam BFSA KBT 17 September

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Hi everybody,

Can we please all meet at the Peregrine Farm Stall around 4:30am where we will have registration and the briefing.
From there we will send down 3-4 cars at a time to Mofam to go and off load you stuff (please go park then set up)
Tosca has asked us to please not drive on the grass. It is their wedding season and it needs to be in tip top condition.

Remember the entry fee for this one is R300.
Please remember to also register on <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a><!-- m --> and sign up to the KBT Tournament
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a><!-- m -->

See everybody there.
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What are the starting and weigh in times please?
Hi there,

We will start once everybody is on the water
Weigh in will be at 4pm with prize giving shortly afterwards
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Hi guys,

For those who have asked here are the Mofam boundaries.
The top (heading right from the jetty) boundary is by the Panorama Lodge, the first house you see. There is a No Fishing beyond this point sign up now.

The Bottom boundary (heading left from the jetty) is the Cottage before that big wooden house before the dam opens up.

If you go beyond these two points it is a instant DQ! and you will be banned from fishing Mofam (Mofam rules). There are now private houses past those two points and have asked for privacy. So please dont push your luck, if you are unsure that you are near the boundary dont go any further.

Drive safe tomorrow morning, see everybody at Perigrine.
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And? How was the fishing? Weather seemed to play along.

Work got in the way, so I couldn't go.
Hi guys,

My apologies for the later than usual report of the BFSA KBT.

On Saturday we had our first KBT of the season. We all 37 of us met at a cold and wet Perigrine farm stall and did the registration and briefing. But by the time we were on the water the sky had cleared up and it looked like we had missed the weather.

The guys and lady were keen to get going so off we went in all directions. On the way to kicking to some bank that had not been fished yet I was chatting with Gavinsw when he got stuck into a nice keeper. So the fishing shouldnt be that bad today.

I had a few blow ups on my frog but nothing actually committed. I struggled throughout the day, only catching 3 fish but luckily they were all keepers. With some passing showers and a very cold breeze the morning was a long a painful one.

Not everybody had a bad day but the big fish were nowhere to be found which in turn made it a very close KBT.
Well done to the guys that did manage to find that bigger class of fish on the day.
The top 3 were
1st place Hendrik Brand with 3.88kg
2nd place Vas aka Coenie with 3,59kg
3rd place Shiraz Jogee with 3.56kg

The Southern Bass Culture big bass prize went to Supasalamisami aka Paul with a 1.63kg, the biggest bass by quite a way on the day.

Last but certainly not least. A massive thank you to our sponsors for the day.
Southern Bass Culture
Eddles Gas & Tackle
Suburban Tackle
who all sponsored prizes for the day

For the rest of the results, click on the link below. Unfortunately I didnt have a strong enough data connection down in the valley to do live scoring.
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="|1|BFSA%20Kickboat%20Trail%202016/17%20Season|results" onclick=";return false;"> ... on|results</a><!-- m -->

Thank you to everybody that came and fished this BFSA KBT. Looking forward to the next one at Bulshoek
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Well done to all the guys and girls that placed well!

Great to <!-- w --><a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a><!-- w --> being used at all levels of our sport.
Regards Robert Jacobs
well done to the guys who placed :eusa_clap: . seems like it was a very close competition. haven't been to mofam in ages... :blue-rolleyes:
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Well done to all the anglers.

Big thank you to all our Sponsors.
Also a big thank you to Andrew and Malcolm for another successful KBT

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