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Good morning guys and gals,

The BFSA KBT will be using the program for competition and tournament scoring this season. So if there is a cell signal you will be able to see the weights coming in live on comp days.

Can you please sign up and register to fish the KBT season
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it only takes a few minutes.

Thank you.
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Very cool guys
Well done to the kickboaters for taking up Johan and his team's invention.

The past Winter Classic was my first first-hand experience of fishing a comp and experience the thrill of seeing your team name move as guys weigh in.

I had Johan as a fishing partner this weekend and had quite a bit of time to discuss the future of with him in person.

All I can say is watch this space :eusa_dance:
Regards Robert Jacobs
Thank you to everybody that has signed up already.
If you are having some trouble leave a message here and I will try help you out ASAP on Monday.
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For those who are having a bit of trouble registering for the KBT season on

Once you have registered/logged on you will be directed to the home page.
From there click on the ‘Tournaments’ tab at the top (circled in red)
You will then see all the Tournaments that have been created, find the BFSA KBT at the bottom of the list and then click on ‘Enter’(circled in red)

You will be asked to fill in a Team Name and some other details.
Then click the ‘Submit’ button (circled in red) and you are done.

If for some reason you are not happy with your team name or want to change it, it is really simple.
Go to the Tournaments page again and click the ‘Enter’ and change the team name and then ‘Submit’.

Guys please don’t make duplicate Team Names. The weigh in process uses the team name not the user name. So if you are a group of friends called The Bassmasters. Make your Team name ‘The Bassmasters – Mark’ for Mark and ‘The Bassmasters – John’ for John
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Here is a list of everybody that has signed up for the BFSA KBT season on weighmasters.
If you have registered on weighmasters but dont see your name on the list remember to go to the 'Enter Events' tab at the top and Enter the KBT season.
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