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BFSA KBT 2016/17 Sponsors and prizes

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This season we see a number of sponsors who have continued their support of the KBT as well as a number of new and returning sponsors.
Andrew and I would like to thank each sponsors, we really appreciate everything you have sponsored to this season of the BFSA KBT season.
So without further delay here are the prizes up for grabs at each BFSA KBT and the season.

Prizes for each KBT
1st-3rd money generated by entry fees

4th-10th sponsored prizes by:
Suburban Tackle
Eddles Gas and Tackle - Vouchers

Southern Bass Culture Big Fish Prize for the heaviest live bass weighed in for the comp.

Greenfish lucky draw - Custom Greenfish bass shirt

Season Prizes for the BFSA KBT

Season Champion - Pisces Predator Kickboat
2nd place - Froggy V-Craft

AOY - 13 Fishing Inception 8.1:1 reel, Omen Black 6’7MH rod and 13 cap. Total of over R4000

BWG is kindly sponsoring trophies for the Biggest fish of the season again this season as well as for the Season Champion.

Eddles Gas and Tackle is sponsoring a Heaviest cumulative weight for season Prize worth R1000

Difference between the Season Champion and the AOY.
Season Champ is the person on top of the log with the two lowest scores removed.
AOY is the person that has scored the most points in the season (no scores dropped)

Again thank you to all the sponsors of the BFSA KBT, we really do appreciate the support.
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With one KBT to go there is still a lot to fish for, for the guys at the top.

Season standing from
(note scores include a zero score for Bulshoek)
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1 Gowi 188pts
2 Werner 186pts
3 Barend 179pts
4 Hendrik 178pts
5 Coenie 176pts
6 Andrew 174pts
7 Michael S 170pts
8 Jaco 165pts
9 Tiekie 163pts
10 Grant 163pts

Angler of the Year
1 Werner 226pts
2 Barend 216pts
3 Gowi 210pts
4 Michael S 208pts
5 Hendrik 207pts
6 Coenie 202pts
7 Andrew 194pts
8 Malcolm 183pts
9 Jaco 165pts
10 Tiekie 163pts

Total bag weights
1 Andrew 20.02kg
2 Gowi 18.09kg
3 Werner 16.74kg
4 Hendrik 13.25kg
5 Michael S 12.18kg
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With the last KBT done and dusted we are able to announce this seasons big winners

Angler of the Year went to Werner Du Toit winning a great rod and reel set up from 13 Fishing South Africa

Season Champion is Andrew Nienaber winning a Pisces Predator Kick Boats
2nd Place was Barend Brand won a V-Craft from

BWG (Blue Water Gear) Trophies for the season champion and for the biggest fish for the season both go to Andrew Nienaber

Andrew Nienaber also takes home the prize for Heaviest cumulative for weighing in a total of 26.28kg over the season.

Well done guys! All of you fished like champs.

Full season standings
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Season standings
1 Andrew 195pts
2 Barend Brand 190pts
3 Werner duToit 189pts
4 Wreck 4.0 Gowi 188pts
5 Hendrik Brand 185pts
6 Vas 179pts
7 wreck 4.0 Michael 176pts
8 Grant Snowball 173pts
9 Jaco de Wit 165pts
10 Wreck 4.0 Tiekie 164pts

1 Werner duToit 273pts
2 Barend Brand 266pts
3 Wreck 4.0 Gowi 254pts
3 wreck 4.0 Michael 254pts
5 Hendrik Brand 252pts
6 Vas 243pts
6 Andrew 243pts
8 Malcolm Palmer 222pts
9 Grant Snowball 206pts
10 Jaco de Wit 199pts

Cumulative weight
1 26.28kg
2 Wreck 4.0 Gowi 22.88kg
3 Werner duToit 22.61kg
4 Barend Brand 18.29kg
5 Hendrik Brand 18.16kg
6 wreck 4.0 Michael 17.23kg
7 Grant Snowball 14.4kg
8 Vas 13.54kg
9 Jaco de Wit 12.94kg
10 Wreck 4.0 Tiekie 12.71kg

Thank you to everybody that took part in the KBT season. Hope to see everybody again next season
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