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Clanwilliam winter bass classic report back

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Hows it guys. For everybody coming back from the classic this weekend. I hope it was enjoyable. A special congrats to Billy and Branden for winning it! To the rest of the guys .. If you did well congrats.. If not, practice harder and come back stronger next tim e :blue-wink:

Myself (Kyle Hansen) and Erno Muller are fortunate to be fishing as Team this season.

The winter classic has always been my favourite event of the bass fishing calender and this year myself and Erno put some time into pre-fishing to try and get a feel for the dam in its current state.
The fishing is definitely not great at the moment but I would also say that I have seen it a lot worse too. As one of the legends put it "we have too many good memories of the dam and we conveniently forget the tough days".

Day 1
Always a site to behold seeing the take off.. The competition is almost as much about who has the biggest rooster tail compared to who can catch the most fish! We have a rebel 400, so don't bother contending for the race up river and just stop off at some spots nearby that we know. The story of the day was the size of the fish.. We had bag by about 10am and then went to look for bigger fish. Only to discover that they had develop a strong bout of "lockjaw"! Fortunately Erno got a 1.68 around midday but further only males. Bag weight: 4.40kg putting us in 25th position for the day. Its quite disheartening seeing the big names coming in with their huge sacks (you guys know who you are). But from experience we have come to realize that there will always be a fair amount of guys that fall away on day 2..

Day 2
After struggling on day 1, we were very determined to make up for it and made it priority number one to catch bag (5 fish = 5 points).
boom 1.4kg fish on popper smashed it.. What a great start to the day!
1.4kg smallie again! We have this figured out now
800g smallie
900 g smallie
1.2kg smallie.. fist pumps and high fives all around.. Great come back!

We got back to the way station weighed our bag and proceeded to watch the live weigh in by weighmasters with a lekker cold beer provided by the organisers.
The guys all stood in nervous anticipation waiting to learn their fate and I was pleasantly surprised to see us move up into 7th position with the second biggest sack on day 2.

I am sure I speak for everybody that I say thanks to all the organisers, sponsors and participants for a great event!
Well fished Kyle and Erno. It was another great event.

I think put a nice spin on proceedings especially the dashboard view.

Well done to all the guys that placed especially to Billy and Brandin who finally got the Winter Classic win after knocking on the door for so many years.

A very well don to Ian Riddell from team Swarries who took the big fish prize (they won it last year as well).
Regards Robert Jacobs
Well done Guys.

Very fortunate to have you guys representing BFSA.

Thanks for the awesome report bru.

Catch you on the water soon!!

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