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FLW Tour to partner up with SA Bass in SA

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Riprap Wrote:FLW SA tournament format:

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Quote:Forrest Wood Cup
It is like the Olympic Games in bass angling. It is the world’s premier bass-fishing tournament...

Erm, I don't think so, the Classic holds that mantle and has done so since 1971!
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@Toadee - Why would the classic be bigger than the Forrest Wood Cup, or vice-versa.

Both are great but very different tours and final events. The rules are quite different and I think BASS has done well as a marketing machine with live coverage etc. The fields are remarkable larger in FLW but tour pro's have consistently fished both with varying results.

What it does do is put a South African about 8 comps away from the world stage at arguably the biggest payday and event in Bass fishing world. You don't need to be part of a club or spend years qualifying.

To get to the classic as a South African not fishing in the elites or opens it would take a minimum of 6 years from starting out. I think that's the fastest you can do it.

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