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Nationals 2016

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Morning Johan.

Thanks again for making this software available to the bassing fraternity.
Quick question: Do you envisage this software being used for Classics and has there been interest therein? Albert Falls is just around the corner and was curious.
We would like to use it for the Amatola Classic in March next year if the format is workable.

Kind regards.
Hi Rip

We are already using it for the Clan Winter Classic in just over two weeks time. We are taking online registrations as well.

System is perfectly geared towards divisions, classics, social and others. Best part is you can even run the comp without any internet access and upload as soon as you get access.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Thanks Nav.
Can it cater for boats with 3 or more anglers who fish for the biggest fish only and thus don't qualify for bag (team of 2) prizes........??
Ladies, Jnrs etc don't seem a problem if mixed doubles or?
Thanks Navrik.

Hi Riprap. Not 100% sure if I understand correctly but I do believe it can as it caters for any number of anglers in a team. Teams can also be in any category. The basis is the team and a team can consist out of one or more anglers.
If it currently cannot cater for it we will make a plan to try and change it to make sure it can work. The aim is to keep on enhancing it intil it will work for everybody.

You are welcome to give me a call to discuss on oh two one-5924033
Live Fishing Results at
HI Chaps

Thanks for the positive feedback on Just Fishing.. I hope to be able to bring you more exciting content.
Don't forget to log on to YouTube and subscibe in order to not miss out on uploads.

Thanks Johan and the WCBAA team for allowing me to broadcast the footage. Id love to do more tournament however I am self funded. Unless there are sponsors that wish to get on board ?
However my intentions is just to have fun and share the little bit of knowledge i do have and make cool videos ...
[Image: outdoors.gif]
Oh almost forgot well done to Wayne Easton and Allan Ross-Watt .. I will be editing up exclusive interviews with them on how they managed to win the nationals. Thats rods, reels,line, lures everything.....
[Image: outdoors.gif]

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