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Nationals 2016

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Jim_From_Zim Wrote:
Southpaw Wrote:Its not helping with my productivity as well today.

You aint missing much...



Steve got a babbelas???

I must say that I'm absolutely loving the new weighmasters.Net - well done to all involved!
Best things since sliced bread. I am up in Jhb prepping for SAFTAD on the weekend and it is awesome to stay in touch what is happening at Clan.
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I don't see day 3 prepped on the weigh results? Was under the impression that only history was going to elude us this time and all 3 days will be displayed?
Some "was" live coverage coming out on day three. great stuff.

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Riprap Wrote:I don't see day 3 prepped on the weigh results? Was under the impression that only history was going to elude us this time and all 3 days will be displayed?

Rip, are your arms too short? Look nicely and you'll find what you want:

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Thank you Mr At The Well. The first fish was only weighed at 09h57 and I see we are back on track again. A very positive change from past. Thank you guys.
Yip, them WC boys dont hide secrets unlike the chaps from your neck of the woods...

Happy Fryday
Sitting around tapping feet...

At least they're not sleeping today

Weather holding nicely. Other exciting "was" and live footage on and off the water: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a><!-- m -->
Hopefully not premature,but WELL DONE to Wayne Easton on a solid win At Clanwilliam.was not easy fishing.
Life is not about the number of breaths we make,but the moments that take our breath away.
Well well well, here it is:

Bassrat, myself and Lee were fortunate enough to get to Clan yesterday to watch the final day and to get some footage which we managed to show some of you guys LIVE through Bassrat's Facebook page called Just Fishing.Hope you enjoyed it. If you haven't already LIKED his page go check it out. Lots of vids ect to watch and of cause some of yesterday's happenings to. It was an awesome experience to watch some of the best anglers in the country in action. A big shout out to our boy Wayne Easton from Natal who is also one of the owners of Outdoors 365 for coming out tops and who is now the new SA Champ for 2016. Well done to all the other anglers who were mominated for Protea, Presidents and World's. Also congrats to Justy for taking Wrangler Angler and will be off to represent in the USA. For those of you who are still on your way back home to your families, travel safely and stay well.
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Absolutely sterling work by the intrepid trio. Me thinks you guys must come to all major events and do the live coverage.............. :eusa_dance:
Hi All,

Thank you all for the support over the last couple of days. The interest in <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.weighmasters,net" onclick=";return false;">http://www.weighmasters,net</a><!-- m --> during the SABAA Senior Nationals was absolutely overwhelming and exceeded our wildest expectations. As it stands now we had 212 000 page views in the last week. It has been fantastic to be be involved with this event and to be able to share what is happening at the weigh station with our loved ones and supporters at home.

We also had some great feedback and will use this to enhance many of the existing features in our software.

Last but not least congratulations to Wayne Easton on being our new national champion, to all the World, Protea and Presidents nominations and on Western Division on winning overall

Yours in fishing
Johan Landman
Live Fishing Results at

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