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High School Bass fishing Program - Currently being developed

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Hi Jacq. For many their boats get the cobwebs blown off in the next month or two and I see the KBT guys are also seasonal. Once the season is back in full swing, I'm sure you will have guys scrambling to make vids for you.

Herewith 2 vid report backs I did from our junior fish-offs for interest and they are public and if anything gives a competitive perspective for the kids on the sport:



I am busy uploading the video guide I offered and mentioned by Jim to dropbox and will share the link with you on PM later on.
Thx RipRap, much appreciated!
I must admit that am extremely excited and confident that I will receive contribution from all over the country.
I will forward the link to Steven and will make work of it - thx again!
The video is really very well done!
HI All

Firstly thanks to Riaan and Steven on the great video.

To add to Riaans plea for videos, you are more than welcome to get hold of me and I will assist with the filming and creating of the show. I have a YouTube channel currently showing all my videos. So if anyone would like to share a topic and perhaps go fishing for the day. Let put something together..

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Oh and don't forget to subscribe to my channel. More subscriptions = more videos
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