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Western Cape dam water levels

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Heavy rainfall over the past few days has resulted in a five percent increase in dam levels in the Western Cape.
Levels have been dangerously low due to the drought, with some dams sitting at 35 percent compared to 59 percent in the same period last year.
Water restrictions have had to be implemented in Cape Town.
The provincial Environmental Affairs Department’s James Styan says these restrictions won't be lifted just yet.
“There’s always an effort to get the dam levels as high as possible and to recover as far as we can before we head into summer, so water restrictions will remain in place for now.”
Styan says more rain is needed.
“Heading into a hot summer season, we remain concerned and hope that we can get together some more rain before the winter season is over.”

Thanks Kassie, fortunately that news segment is a couple months old. Theewaters is already looking much better last weekend and Clanwilliam is already up to over 50%
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