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Water temp and bass behavour?

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I'm sure the winter has more of an effect on us anglers than the fish. I've seen the guys in the states catch fish in water that is iced over.

Being fairly new to fishing, I would like to know what you guys have experienced on the water.

What is the most favorable temperature for bass?

I've experienced that extremely hot weather, like at Clan, also makes fishing a lot harder. And one needs to go a bit deeper.

So there must be a way to catch them in cold weather as well. Surely they still need to eat.

Would love to hear your opinions and advice on this.
Sparky, two key words a) Deep and b) Slow.

Most important is slow, when you fish the slowest you have ever fished then that is still to fast.

Even in winter the best times to fish is when the the sun rise and moon rise is further than 9 hours apart (CBC Theory) and the barometric pressure is falling out of the sky.

For me the best times to fish is Mondays to Fridays :blue-biggrin:
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