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Free ride - Jhb

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I want to go fishing on the 18th June, anyone want to join?

Any venue 200km from Jhb, just pay 50% of launch fee's.

Pm me, first come first serve

Self edit: i see the winter skins comp is on at witbank. I recon lets give them some support. Entry fee for your own cost
This is always a nice competition to attend. I see the long term weather forecast also showing a nice day. All the details of the comp to be found on Facebook page. Each skin carries a R500 voucher and R500 cash for 1st prize etc. Each person to enter will also receive free coffee on the house as well as toasted ham/cheese sami. The inter action in the morning before start of competition is the best to be found anywhere.

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And here I thought you were coming to give us some advice at De Hoop ?
Fishing Wannabe
Lol, sadly not Aj. Wish i could be there though but instead its just a day trip out this time
Next time round then . what have you and Norma agreed , we tanning some meat this weekend ?
Fishing Wannabe
Yeah. Burn some cow for the ruggers. Ill whatsapp you the gen little later when back from durbs 'n all
No problem cuzen ....0 eight two 907 30nine zero
Fishing Wannabe

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