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Boat Covers

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Anybody hear anything further re the guy from Pretoria coming to CPT to do these covers contacted him but have not heard anything further anybody out know anything?
Ian Versfeld was organising it. I think he would be the best person to speak to.
Regards Robert Jacobs
Might be Ben from Coverworx. They are really good and made my cover for a Dragonfly MK II and worked great. He also makes great motor covers and seats.
Hi guys. Ian is having some log in problems and has asked me to post his reply on his behalf.

The material has been held up and we moved everything a month later. So planning on doing everything last week of June. Still a couple of spaces available. Hopefully we wont have to move date again due to material delays. For anymore info guys must just email me at <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->.
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It is Pittendrigh
Regards Robert Jacobs
HI All

Yes its still happening. Nothing much to do while we wait on the material to come in from USA.

Happy days
All done and dusted.
I don't want to stand on anyone's toes but many guys are in the market for a new cover and I often hear the question, which of the two covers available in our market is the best value for money and quality notwithstanding longevity.

We have free market principles so I pose the question here for the benefit of those asking and from those that have gone through it recently?

Please, no offence to the suppliers............
Ben from Coverworx made my boat cover years ago. Best thing ever, boat does not stand under cover and get a blaze every day. The cover is still perfect! Is Coverworx still around, last I heard they moving to KZN?
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Coverworx also made mine, very happy with it!
Coverworx in KZN did my motor bikini cover. Good job!
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Still going strong in KZN and PTA. Wink
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