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Dragonfly Prize giving time!!!!

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Hi Fellow Fishermen

I hear the last KBT has been fished and the MT ended some time ago. Could I have the names of the winners of the big fish prize! Those intrepid fishermen who stopped at nothing to bring to the scales Fish of Awesome size, that attended each and every event to ensure that they could claim their prize! I have in my possession two State of the art Dragonfly Fish finders that need a home, I now need the names of said men, so that we can arrange to have a handover photographed for prosperity and such. Well done to the winners and all the anglers who held on until the end in the hope of catching that elusive hawg.


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Nutt, you sir are a gentleman and an honourable example of what Bass fishing is all about. Take a bow - you deserve it!
Needing one of those but will be in contact.
Well done to the winners and very well done to all the kind sponsors.
Hi Nutt,

Thank you for you support of the Money Trail and Kickboat Trail. These are some awesome units.
I will pm you Nathans details
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Once again a massive thanks to you Nutt for your support and sponsorship of the Money Trail and KBT. Will also PM Brandins deats to you :eusa_clap:
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Well done Brandin & Nathan!!
Don't know Nathan but nobody deserves it more than Brandin!
You and Billy is doing a sterling job without any payment!!
Just reward!!
O!! Thanks Nutt!!
Hope to see you on the water next season!
Missed you this past season!
Congratulations guys, a very nice prize indeed.. good to see Billy also has some netting skills :blue-badgrin:
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