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Suburban Tackle Mofam KBT

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Hi guys and ladies,

Heres some good news for your wallet.

Everybody that has fished in a BFSA KBT this season and competing in the BFSA KBT MOFAM competition will get a 5% discount on all bass terminal tackle the week leading up to the tournament (23rd to 30th April). The discount will only be valid once per angler.

Suburban Tackle would also like to sponsor the top 10 anglers to a 10% discount on all bass terminal tackle. This will also only be valid once per angler and only valid for two weeks after the tournament.
If for some reason you can not make it to Suburban Tackle the two weeks after the Mofam KBT you can phone in your order and collect within a couple days. Please dont leave your order sitting there for weeks.

Suburban Tackle has a list of everybody that has fished this season so far and all you have to do is show the guys at Suburban Tackle your drivers licence.
After the final KBT of the season at Mofam I will send the list of the top 10.

Now who can say no to a 5% discount for just fishing a KBT or 10% if you have a good day.
Lets support those who support us
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Nice one Suburban!
Regards Robert Jacobs
When it's on the anglers side for a change I think it's highly commendable. Well done!
That's frikken awesome for the okes fishing Malcolm. Any discount is a bonus no matter what u buy or how little it costs.

Well done on organising it...
Live in the Moment...
Im only the messenger.
Suburban Tackle came up with this and approached us.
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Remember to take advantage of the public holiday tomorrow and make your way to Suburban Tackle
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