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BFSA KBT Mofam 30 April

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The last KBT of the season is almost here.

We have organised with Mofam management that we can arrive and start setting up at 6am. This will give everybody enough time set up but we wont start until everybody is ready.
The same procedure will happen as last time. 2 or 3 cars can go to the lapa and unpack(dont set up, just unpack) they will then go park up at the top while the others wait. Once they have parked the next lot can go. We will try organise with Mofam that somebody is there to regulate traffic.

Mofam still requires their launching fee of R125 per person so the entry fee for this KBT will be R300.

Further details for fishing times and registration meeting point will follow.

Mofam has also offered to have boerewors rolls @R20 each ready at the end of the day but we need names so they know how many to make.
Please leave your name here and how many you want
I would like to send then a list by Wednesday before the KBT.

Pieter Piek x1
Richard x1
Quinton V x2
Jaco x1
Coenie x1
Malcolm x1
Andrew x1
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I will take a boerrie roll...after winning the cash for the day :eusa_dance:
Life is not about the number of breaths we make,but the moments that take our breath away.
I'll take two thanks SP.
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Hey guys,

Just a friendly reminder to put your name down if you want a boerie after the KBT at Mofam
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2xboeries(Jaco & Coenie).thanks.
Howzit guys and ladies,

Hope everyone is amped final KBT of the season.

We are doing registration at 5:15am at the Peregrine Farm Stall parking area and leave there at 5:45-50am for Mofam.

Fishing times:
Once everyone is ready we will start but lets aim for the latest 7am.
Weigh in will be at 4pm.

If you havent put your name down for a Boerie and you want one please do so. Im sending Mofam the final list tomorrow afternoon.

Enjoy the public holiday and if you are lucky Thursday and Friday off work.

See you guys Saturday.
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To the guys fishing Mofam comp Saturday. As you head down ramp there are a few sticks sticking out directly in front of concrete ramp. My chugbug is sitting on it. You can't miss it. You can have it.

Frogstar Wrote:To the guys fishing Mofam comp Saturday. As you head down ramp there are a few sticks sticking out directly in front of concrete ramp. My chugbug is sitting on it. You can't miss it. You can have it.

........And the puncture repairs are at your own cost! :lol: Frogstar, me thinks you must go fish and retrieve your own chugbug boet.
Flip rip I'm sitting at Mofam right now. 50 knot winds and rain the entire day. No ways I'm going near the water in a tube. Hahaha. Saturday fishing will be interesting. Water extremely low and blue bird skies post cold front. It will separate the men from the boys that's for sure.

Well it was time for the final KBT of the season and it was a chilly start waiting at the Perigrine Farm Stall. Soon enough everybody was there and registered. The field was smaller than we thought it was going to be, maybe the weather put some people off but there was still a good crowd of 26 entries.

When we arrived at Mofam we were greeted by the friendly staff and were told that there would be a complemetary boerie at the end of the day for everybody, thank you Mofam.

The water level had also risen during the week, good for launching so we didnt have to wade through knee deep mud but it had also turned the water to a caramel steri stumpie colour. Once everybody was on the water we had the final briefing and were off.

From early on I saw fish being caught so maybe the fishing wouldnt be as tough as I thought it would be. For me the fishing was incredibly frustrating seeing guys all around me catching. That being said I had an area that I wanted to spend the majority of the day and at 9:30am I was rewarded with a decent fish that I thought was about 1.8kg at a push.

All this time guys were coming and going and most have their limit or one short, some where having a really good day in terms of numbers but also one or two were also struggling like I was. The one thing I noticed was that the fish coming out were all more or less the same size so unless somebody had 3 1.5kg's in the livewell it was going to be a tight KBT.

By now it was time to start heading back to the weigh in but i still only had one in the livewell but I wasnt going to give up. I made the most of the remaining time and concentrated on the sunny rocky banks and was soon rewarded with one bass. That put me in a better frame of mind and only needing one more I stood a chance of finishing towards the top. But that last fish didnt happen, not that I didnt have a chance during the day. I was wrapped up a couple times and was picked up and spat out before I could do anything. But thats fishing for you.

Time for weigh in and it was going to be very tight with a few high 2kg and low 3kg bags weighed in with Pieter sitting on top with 3.52kg but then Jaco came along and weighed in 3.69kg to take top honours for the KBT. Well done Jaco, very well fished! A small consolation prize for me was that I managed to catch the biggest fish of the KBT, my 1.8kg at a push turned out to be 1.98kg.

A very big thank you to Outdoors635, Suburban Tackle and Southern Bass Culture who sponsored prizes for the day, your support of the BFSA KBT is really appreciated.
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Hi Guys, I haven't done a report back in a while and thought it is about time.

Saturdays Mofam KBT was off to a tough start, with the water being quite dirty at the launch and 4 degrees colder than further up river. I kicked to find cleaner water and at the 1st bend (houseboat) i found it. On my 4 th cast to the deep ledges i felt my rod loading, strike and nothing but an empty hook. 2 cast later and the same bite, hit and a nice 1,2 kg to get the morning started.

I kept throwing my coontail and slow retrieving it, and managed to pick up a couple of quick fish all under size. At about 8:30 i got another bite and landed a 900g. I reached the trees heading towards the dam and the fish were playing their part. Picking up 7 fish in about a 600m stretch.

The wind picked up, and the bite completely died. the next bite i had was around 1:30 on a spro MD but nothing big enough to cull.

I switched back to my Coontail (junebug/watermelon red laminate) and took on the cold dirty water, picking up 6 fish on the kick back and upgrading a KG model for a 1,2kg. I though i would give the stumps on the right of the launch one more go, and manged to upgrade my last kg to a 1,2kg as well.

I got to weigh in with a really convincing bag only to find out i needed another 17g for a Win. Massive congratulation to Jaco for taking it. I managed a 4th place finish for the season, jumping 10 places in the last 2 kbt's (winning helps)

Thank you to Malcolm(largy killer) and Andrew (horse riding midget) for all the planning and all the sponsors, without you the Kbt would not be possible.

A massive thank you to Eddles Gas and Tackle, who have been supporting me through the 2015/2016 season. Biggest range of Tackle at the cheapest price around.

Looking forward to a great season in 2016/2017

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