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COF.... W... T... F...?

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sorry for your 950 bad luck buck JFZ, personally i feel cof should be scrapped. next time ask the forum for assistance especially when you are not familiar with jhb.
joke - oldtimer would of saved you 600 bucks and compared to ct rates a further 300 without interest calculated then jhb is not so bad.
Mick Wrote:Report the c%&^t to SAMSA and name and shame them

Derek Watts from Carte Blanche might find this interesting....
That does not sound right a samsa instrucktor made me tow my boat 300km for him to see the boat before he would renew my bouyancy and then issue me a Cof he said it does not matter if you have a valid bouyancy if he has to give cof he wants to inspect the flotation and he charged me R550 for everything. I think something is smelling fishy and it's not your boat.
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300 km Ernst, thats is far, oneway or return
Return trip im in senekal to bloem and back its actually about 380km
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