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Good afternoon all.

This is for all facets of recreational angling.

PLEASE PLEASE take the time to partake in and submit your form online in this new all inclusive and extremely important survey.
Internet Explorer (any version) is not very friendly with this google doc and I had to download Google Chrome to complete and submit. Herewith the link: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a><!-- m -->
Uncheck the options you don’t like before installing and if you don’t want Chrome, then just uninstall it once you are done.............. Mozilla Firefox is also recommended.

Do the right thing for our future!
See below:

Dear angler,

The South African Fishing Tackle Agents and Distributors and the Department of Trade and Industry have designed a fishing survey to help provide policy makers with information on the socio-economic importance of recreational fisheries in South Africa. This research will provide evidence to support the feeling that recreational fishing is important to the South African economy. Similar research has led to the formal recognition of recreational fishing as a valuable industry in other countries such as Australia, the USA and Mexico and has had positive outcomes for recreational fishing interests. The research will also assist fisheries managers to understand the consequences of changes to regulations and improve the planning and management of recreational fisheries.

Please go to the following link to complete the questionnaire: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="" onclick=";return false;"></a><!-- m -->. There are several prizes "up for grabs" for those who complete the questionnaire. In order to qualify, please supply your contact details at the end of the questionnaire. Please also make sure that your web browser is up-to-date as there have been some problems with completing the questionnaire with older versions. We recommend using Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

Best fishes,



Assistant Scientist

Linefish Resources and Marine Protected Areas

South African Association for Marine Biological Research
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Done my bit :blue-biggrin:
To stress the importance of this survey, herewith a summary of the report commissioned by the South African Deep Sea Angling Association back in 2007. It includes all facets of recreational fishing.


Synopsis of the Economic Impact of Sport & Recreational Angling in South Africa, 2007:

● In 2007, 2.5 million anglers participated in Sport & Recreational Angling in South Africa, creating a total economic impact of R 18.8 billion.

● The total economic impact of Sport & Recreational Angling in 2007 consists of a total of three major parts, viz. R 15.9 billion direct economic impact (direct expenditure effects) on South Africa’s economy, R 3.3 billion indirect economic impact (multiplier economic effects), and R 1.2 billion induced effects (subsequent income and job effects) on the economy. Subtracted from this are economic outflows (leakages), totaling R 1.6 billion.

● Of the 2.5 million participants in Sport & Recreational Angling, 28,757 are formal participants (members or affiliated members of organized clubs), while the informal participants (non-club environment participants) total 2,48 million. The majority of informal participants (1.5 million) are in Fresh Water Bank Angling, and Surf/Shore Angling (850,000), while Deep Sea Angling has the highest ratio of formal participants vs. informal participants (30:70) of the various angling facets.

● The effect of economic outflows – e.g. payment for imported goods and services, including overseas competitions, for Sport & Recreational Angling – amount to R 1.6 billion p.a. While economic inflows due to overseas participating visitors are relatively small (R 2.5 million), the potential for significant increases is evidently huge. These amounts have been accounted for in the above total economic impact figure of R 18.8 billion, which is the net total economic impact amount for Sport & Recreational Angling in South Africa in 2007.

● Comparisons to major wildlife hunting/sport economic impact in South Africa, such as big game hunting, are tenuous, but it is knowledgeably estimated that Sport & Recreational Angling is about 15 times bigger in economic impact than big game hunting. In comparison to other major sport activities, Sport & Recreational Angling as a whole is estimated to be bigger in economic impact than rugby and cricket in SA combined (including economic inflows from international competitions). In the USA, recreational angling’s economic impact is reported as being bigger than that of golf and tennis combined.

● The total estimated value of boats in Sport & Recreational Angling in South Africa in 2007, totals R 5.8 billion, of which 64%, i.e. R 3.7 billion, is in Deep Sea angling. The amount of fixed cost (durable) items in S&R angling totals R 47.1 billion, with depreciation being R 6.12 billion – an average of 13% p.a. This includes the factored (use-allocation) costs of boats, ‘4x4’ vehicles, bakkies, motor-cars, trailers, caravans, and outboard/inboard engines for S&R angling.

● The average annual expenditure per participant (depreciation on fixed costs p.a., plus annual variable costs) for Sport & Recreational Angling in 2007 amounts to R 7,520.00 p.p./ p.a. – R 18.8 billion divided by 2.5 million participants (formal and informal).

● It is estimated that the total economic impact of Sport & Recreational Angling – including Deep Sea Angling - is at least 80% larger than that of commercial fishing in South Africa. This is in line with most overseas countries, where the economic value of commercial fishing is smaller than that of Sport & Recreational Angling.

● The Extensive Report of this project details the various fixed cost values and variable expenditures by the Sport & Recreational angling facets in South Africa. These figures portray the relative size of expenditure items – the largest being fuel at R 1.98 billion in 2007 (total fuel expenditures for all S&R facets combined) – and the size of some industries, such as tackle trade and boat building, in terms of total expenditures/costs.

Decision makers on rights and resource allocation are compelled by the constitution to consider socio economic factors when making new laws and regulations! The old excuse of it's because they are subsistence fishermen does not hold any water. Those poverty stricken individuals should have jobs OR we need "suitable" management which can guarantee "sustainability".
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Survey completed and submitted
Guys, the views do not warrant the seriousness of this survey for future decision making around our sport! Please, those that do view or participate, share this link on your mailing lists far and wide and with anyone who throws a line in the water!

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The organized clubs should not have a problem with sending out info. We have far too many "watchers" in the fishing game and now we need participation for the benefit of all. Don't moan afterwards.........there are also prizes to be won by participating!!!!

Many thanks.
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:eusa_wall: Done, dit is scary nadat jy dit in gevul het en besef jy hoeveel die hobby my regtig kos.
SMILE, it can change the world around you. Stywe lyne
Morning guys.
Sorry four sounding like a stuck gramophone but this is extremely important thus the bump back on top.
Lekker dag verder.
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As jy jou wil uitgee as n toffie moet jy bereid wees om gekou te word
If you don't want to go to all the effort of downloading chrome and other then just fill in the spreadsheet and send back to <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e -->;


Hi Everyone,

You have been send this email because you have mentioned that were not able to complete our recreational fishing economic impact questionnaire. We sincerely apologise for this. I have attached an excel spreadsheet of the questionnaire and was hoping that you could spend a few minutes of your time filling it in and then emailing back to me? We will capture your results onto the system, your job will be done and you will be entered into the competition (like everyone else).

Please let me know if you have any problems filling in this version and feel free to distribute it to other anglers who have been having similar problems.

Thanks again for your support on this project.

Kind regards,

Dr Warren Potts
Associate Professor
Department of Ichthyology and Fisheries Science
Rhodes University
South Africa
+27 (0)46 603 8483/8415
+27 (0)79 6155 113
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