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Soon new Dam in kzn - Ernst - 09-21-2012

The 1.5 million cubic metre dam is now full to capacity.

The Mahlabatshane Dam Project, which was officially launched by Ugu’s deputy mayor, Mondli Chiliza in March 2012

This could be the dragon dam of the lower south coast and in 5 to 10 years we could have a awesome new dam to fish.

[Image: dam.jpg]

[Image: dam1.jpg]

sorry for the rubbish pics but that is all i could find of it.

- Riprap - 09-21-2012

get baitfish in now and bank the florida's for a season elsewhere......has you got a permit sir??
Here, I'll donate you the first Florida.

[Image: D486.JPG]

- Riprap - 09-21-2012

Ernst, 5 kilo fish in 5 yrs boet - think big, plan properly... :blue-biggrin:

- Jeremy - 09-21-2012

New bass waters, good news.

Do you have any coordinated Ernst. Looked on Google earth but can't seem to find it.

I have looked inland from Umzumbe in the Ugu district.

- Ernst - 09-21-2012

[Image: dam-map.jpg]

sorry but i'm at W so not near a pc with software to do a lot of cool things but this is the site.

- Jeremy - 09-21-2012

Nice one Ernst. I love your browser view with a tab reserved for BFSA site. :blue-biggrin:

- Ernst - 09-22-2012

Thanks Jeremy I owe a lot to Bfsa and I love this site I always try to get my fishing mates on here too.

- Riprap - 09-22-2012

Anyone worked out the co-ords yet?

- Riprap - 09-22-2012

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""> ... tshane.asp</a><!-- m -->

- Riprap - 09-22-2012

Ernst, it is much more inland than you think:

[Image: Mhlabatshane-Dam.jpg]

Dam wall:
30 24' 53.12"S or your GPS 30 24 885
30 10' 49.32"E or your GPS 30 10 822

41km NW of Hibberdene as the crow flies.

- Ernst - 09-22-2012

Thanks Riprap

- August - 09-25-2012

Are you sure on the size? 1.5 mil cubes, not that big?

- Riprap - 09-25-2012

As far as I've ascertained, the volume is more like 2.55mil m3 which is still not that big for a storage dam of that importance?

- Coyote - 09-25-2012

Hey Ernst
Keep an eye out for Ludeke Dam (Nearly Complete) in the transkei not too far from you :blue-biggrin:

- Riprap - 09-25-2012

Coyote, thanks for the info. It's funny how some sites link this new dam to 60km NW of Port Alfred down in the old Ciskei - talk about know your country hey!! Haaibo......