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Slow, very slow like winter fishing!   2017-05-26 08:32:08
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Rip not only are things quiet they are s...   2017-05-25 17:21:13
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You are a wily old fox hey Ninja......ha...   2017-05-23 11:51:13
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Dam .....   2017-05-19 11:35:31
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Ja.......what?   2017-05-17 16:52:23
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Zimbabwe Accommodation

BFSA is a comprehensive resource for bass fishing accommodation in Zimbabwe. We endeavour to provide detailed information on accommodation at bass fishing lakes, rivers and private waters throughout the country.

Each lake, dam or river includes all the information that bass anglers require to make the most of their precious fishing time and of course a list of hand picked accommodation that we have found to be suited to the needs of bass anglers and their families.

ou can advertise your accommodation here for as little as R150 per month! Click here to list yourself now and be seen by over 20 000 unique visitors each month! Add your listing now!




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